Its a Bird! Its a Plane! Its a MOM! The 10 Ah-mazing Powers of Supermom


There’s no question it can require super-human strength to get pregnant (or adopt). But the sort of power needed to actually raise children once they arrive often goes way beyond that.

It’s a job for Supermom.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Meh. Make milk, on the other hand? Holy lactation, Batman!

Here are the 10 powers of Supermom:

  • Dr. Mom, DDS 1 of 10
    Dr. Mom, DDS
    The ability to sense from three rooms away if a child's teeth have actually been brushed.
  • The Fifth Sense 2 of 10
    The Fifth Sense
    A crowded room full of diaper-wearing toddlers, a foul odor and the need to determine right away which one needs to be changed before the hazmat team arrives?
    Sounds like a job for Supermom.
  • A Look that Kills 3 of 10
    A Look that Kills
    Slam the door when you enter my home and wake the baby? Say something unkind about my children? Make a dig about my parenting skills?
    Beware this face. Because one look from me after committing any of the aforementioned sins and you will be a goner.
  • Milk 4 of 10
    We make milk, people. Need we say more?
  • We Think We Can, We Think We Can 5 of 10
    We Think We Can, We Think We Can
    The telekinetic power to ensure pacifiers land right-side up instead of up-side down when tossed on the floor of a gas station bathroom.
  • See-Through Vision 6 of 10
    See-Through Vision
    Supermom knows what's happening behind that closed door and what, exactly, has been irreparably broken.
    Because when that door is closed, something always breaks.
  • The Seventh Sense 7 of 10
    The Seventh Sense
    Used to accurately spot meltdowns minutes, hours, and even days before they happen.
  • Thermometer? What’s that? 8 of 10
    Thermometer? What's that?
    Supermoms don't need a store-bought tool to determine their children's body temperature.
    That's what our lips and our kids' foreheads are for.
  • Multitasking 9 of 10
    What? You think it doesn't require special powers to do everything we do?
  • The Baby Whisperer 10 of 10
    The Baby Whisperer
    The baby has been crying for hours and no one knows what to do? Call Supermom. She'll get the job done.
    She always does.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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