10 Quirky, Lovable Things About My Toddler Daughter

Since the day she was born and her very first wails escaped her tiny hot pink lips, we knew. Oh, we knew we were in for it. As the days and weeks wore on, colic made its dreaded appearance, and we all soldiered through a haze of instinct and love, using dark humor as a coping mechanism. We gave her nicknames such as Diva and Wild Child.

All of our premonitions were right. Those wails were indeed tell-tale signs, of this I firmly believe…that we were embarking on the journey of raising of a strong-willed, head-strong, stubborn and wildy fantastic; quirky human being.

We’re now full on into the toddler stage with her 2nd birthday tagged off last July. There’s nothing but big-time personality, discovery and firecracker antics bopping around in this adorably gorgeous, infuriatingly precocious, daydream of a chubby little package I call my daughter.

Here’s what you could expect to encounter on any given day at any given moment in her presence. Behold, the darling, the gross, the silly, the social … an average day in the life of my daughter Abby. Here, you’ll get an inside look at her antics, what she loves, and that which she doth protest.

  • Daily Antics 1 of 11

    Adorable and wily, that's my girl.

  • The Chattiest 2 of 11

    She's a little chatterbox who's at her chattiest early in the morning of course. She usually crawls into bed with us every night anytime after 3 a.m. and wakes between 5 and 6 talking about everything under the sun. She wants it all and right away. Read her a story, get her some orange juice, and get her some breakfast. My favourite mispronunciations of hers are 'eatmail' (oatmeal), ackchewy, (actually, which she uses to finish off her sentences).

  • Coercive Body Language 3 of 11

    She nods her head when speaking to you to try and convince you of something, or when she wants you to do something. Stay at the park a little bit longer? Nodding of the head. Cookie before dinner? Nodding of the head. Splashing buckets of water out of the tub when having a bath? Totally okay! Nodding of the head. Colouring her entire body with markers? Awesome idea! Nodding of the head. Right mom? Right.

  • Toe Fixation 4 of 11

    She asks to have her toes painted on the regular and has this obsession with cleaning the 'toe jam' (fluff) out from between her toes. Every night, it has turned into a part of her routine. I've no idea where she picked up the term toe jam or the obsession.

  • Food Particulars 5 of 11

    She'll only eat bananas with the skin partially on, so that she can peel it herself. If I dare give her a peeled banana, the world will hear about such an injustice. She'll only eat the toppings off pizza, could live on ketchup, yogurt and smoothies and all things breakfast. Speaking of which, it's become a tradition to talk about what we're going to have for breakfast the next day, every night after stories and songs for bedtime. This seems to calm her and make her really happy, and she totally initiates it every night. 


  • Hip-Hop Enthusiast 6 of 11

    Her current favourite music is hip hop, specifically Macklemore, The Roots and Plex. Which means we had to download the censored versions of all those albums, obviously. Also related, bouncing. On anything. A current favored past-time.

  • Diaper Obsession 7 of 11

    All of her stuffies and dolls need to be stripped of all clothing to wear only a diaper — at all times. As you can see, we just ran out of her mini play diapers. 

  • Copycat 8 of 11

    She mimics a lot of what we do. She loves to wipe down the table, brush her own hair and teeth, sweep the floor, help with the dishes, fold the laundry and put it away. She's generally very doting and invested in how we're feeling, including her baby dolls and caring and nurturing for them too. She loves to 'baby-wear' and take her babies for walks in their strollers. She has two!

  • Band-Aid and Towel Obsession 9 of 11

    She loves towels. She wears them as capes, wants to sleep in them (she has a couple of hooded ones that she particularly crushes on), and generally wears them around the house while she plays. Same with the Band-Aids. I think she loves to wear them because they are kind of like stickers (another obsession), to her. On her knees, her forehead, on her clothes. The more, the better.

  • Naps 10 of 11

    She hates 'em. This is a new thing. She used to go down for her afternoon nap no problem, but now it's a major event. Of which I'd rather not be the headliner for.

  • Independent Beyond Her Years 11 of 11

    She hates being told she can't do something, and high-profile dramatics will ensue, including telling whomever got in her way to leave her alone and that she's really mad at them. Lots of huffing and arm crossing and/or flopping herself on the floor and furrowing her face up to scowl and proclaim the injustices of it all. She also favors growling like a dragon as she puts it. Which we now call dragon-mode. She doesn't really cry; she's just really verbal and expressive with her body language and facial expressions. I probably shouldn't think it's cute, but I do, and more than a tiny part of me is proud of her witty, feisty ways.


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