It's Not An Exorcism, It's Naptime


Wails from the nursery, a loud thump of books crashing to the floor, stuffed animals being thrown across the room.  Oh yes, it is naptime.  (Why do kids always yell for the opposite parent than the one that put them down for the nap?  Surely that’s not just an occurance in our house.)  Harrison is 2 1/2 years old and it is 1:45pm and the concept of an easy nap is so foreign these days.  I know some kids drop a nap by this age, but a non-napping Harrison means an eye-rubbing terror by 5pm, so we try to log 1-2 hours of afternoon sleep for the tot.

Lately, this means wreckage of his room and screaming at his door until I finally give in.  Which means that two hours later, he’s falling apart from exhaustion.  And I’m ready to pour a glass of wine before my husband even comes home from work.

But it looks like today is going to be another one of those days, as it is almost 2pm and he’s been refusing to nap or relax for an hour now.

I’m totally perplexed as what to do – he really does still need time to rest in the afternoon.  He goes in for nap with a dry diaper, blackout curtains, a belly full of lunch and his favorite stuffed animal.  Heck, I would even settle for “quiet time” alone in his room but he takes that suggestion as well as me saying, “Hey kid, why don’t you peel off your finger nails with toothpicks?”  Translation: NOT WELL.

Any suggestions for how to get my kid to just chill out for some afternoon R&R?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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