It's Raining, It's Pouring! 12 Things To Do With Your Toddler In The Rain

It's Raining!
It's raining! Now what?

I live in Los Angeles. Most of the time, it’s sunny and somewhere between sixty and eighty degrees. Don’t hate me.

But sometimes, sometimes, it rains here. Like it did on Sunday. And Friday. And it’s supposed to later this week. That’s a lot of rain.

When it rains here, it can rain hard. For days. It stinks. No one knows what the heck to do with themselves.

“What is this foreign substance falling from the sky? I don’t know how to drive when stuff pours out of the sky.”

Now imagine you have a toddler. Or two. Now you’re really screwed. What do you do with this giant ball of energy for the ten to twelve hours of the day you have to fill?

I once queried my friends who live in less desirable climates about how to handle a day like this. They seemed to know a lot more about what to do. Here are a bunch of the ideas:

  • Do something crafty! 1 of 10
    Do something crafty!
    Like, make play dough!
    A bunch of recipes.
  • Go To The Mall! 2 of 10
    Go To The Mall!
    The escalator alone will take up thirty minutes. Then move on to the elevator. Lots to see and do at the mall!
  • Take A Bath! 3 of 10
    Take A Bath!
    How much does your toddler love the bath? Mine could sit there for at least an hour without blinking.
  • Play Hide & Seek! 4 of 10
    Play Hide & Seek!
    Bonus: Hide somewhere really good and it will take them forever to find you. You might traumatize them for life, though.
  • Have A Scavenger Hunt 5 of 10
    Have A Scavenger Hunt
    Hiding stuff is just as much fun as hiding yourself!
  • Bake or Cook! 6 of 10
    Bake or Cook!
    After two, small cooking projects are perfectly legit for toddlers. Just mentally prepare for the mess.
  • Build a fort! 7 of 10
    Build a fort!
    A couple dining room chairs, a sheet, and all the stuffed animals you can find in your house. Voila!
  • Play ‘Mommy’s Little Helper! 8 of 10
    Play 'Mommy's Little Helper!
    Two birds. One stone.
  • Go to a museum! 9 of 10
    Go to a museum!
    If you live in a city, there's bound to be a museum with an exhibit to which toddlers can relate. Get out of the house if you can!
  • Saddle up and suck it up! 10 of 10
    Saddle up and suck it up!
    This was my favorite response. Friends from Seattle have serious rain gear. Not just jackets and boots, but pants too. When it rains, they play outside anyway.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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