July’s Instaparent of the Month: @MommasGoneCity

One of my favorite photographers in my Instagram feed (@mommyshorts) is Jessica Shyba of Momma’s Gone City (@MommasGoneCity). Jessica takes gorgeous photos of her family of five, including her three adorable kids, as they are out and about. This makes life with a stroller seem extra glamorous.

It doesn’t hurt that Jessica herself is one of the most stunning, stylish, and photogenic people that I know.

Jessica’s photo stream mainly features her city life in Manhattan, but a few short weeks ago, her family moved to California. I can’t wait to see how the warm California sun effects Jessica’s pictures. I’m sure that I will love them just as much as when they were taken on the mean streets of New York City.

  • How long have you been on instagram? 1 of 10

    I held out for a while—I didn't download the app until just after Beau was born, about 18 months ago.

  • How have your pictures changed since you started? 2 of 10

    My photos now are so different than when I started! For one, I never use the Instagram filters any more, and back then they are all I used to edit.

  • Do you post pictures in real time or do you take time to edit your photos and carefully curate your stream? 3 of 10

    I would say that more than half of my photos are posted in real time. I usually edit and upload on the fly, and even then they are almost always same-day photos.

  • Do you think more about what your kids are wearing and what you do with them since you started instagramming daily? 4 of 10

    If we have an adventure planned for the day doing something special/out of the norm, then I do tend to plan outfits more. They usually choose their own no matter what though!

  • Your kids always seem happy to be photographed. What are your tips for photographing kids and making sure they don’t get annoyed that mom always has her phone out? 5 of 10

    I think that they are just so used to seeing the camera. I almost always have my big DSLR with me as well. They have started to pose recently, which is sort of frustrating and hilarious at the same time. I try to just snap as many photos at once as possible without them knowing, in their most natural state. The more photos the better—you're more likely to grab one good photo if you take a ton.

  • What filter do you use the most? 6 of 10

    I have really been loving the "Sugar Rush" filter in PicTapGo lately. I find my filter preferences come and go in phases.

  • What are your favorite editing apps? 7 of 10
  • Unlike most Moms on Instagram, you are actually in a lot of your photos. Who takes those? 8 of 10

    That has been a conscious decision actually, because photographing myself isn't something I'm super excited about. However, I found that I really appreciate whenever I see the actual face behind the lens my favorite accounts of others, and I've noticed the same in return. My oldest son has taken a few and my husband takes some. (But I have to ASK them, which always makes me uncomfortable for some reason!)

  • Who is your favorite person to follow on instagram? 9 of 10

    Favorite person to follow—that is a tough one! I adore @JoyProuty's feed. Her photos are stunning, every single time. And I love watching her family's adventures.

  • If someone was just signing up for Instagram now, what would be your #1 piece of advice? 10 of 10

    Have fun with the app, but try not to over-filter! I get so sad when great photos are distorted from terrible filtering.

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