Just The Two of Us

As we approach summer, lots of big changes for our little family start to shape up. The kiddos and I find ourselves on our own most weekends and some stretches of weeks as June, July, and August are prime-time for their dad to be touring music festivals in Ontario, Canada and abroad.

Luckily, we have family that lives close(ish) who can help me out from time to time (thanks grandparents!), and they take one of the kids for a couple of days over the weekend. They take turns, which is lovely because I get to have one-on-one time with one of them and the other gets to have special time with their grandparents, all on their own.

This past weekend it was just Abby and I. As we did our thing and got into a sweet little groove, memories of all the time I spent with my son in the first year and half of his life came flooding in. Abby never had that. She was a sibling from day one – no mommy to herself. She started daycare way earlier than Wyndham did, as a one-income family is a luxury we just can’t afford.

Instead of feeling guilt, I decided that having a few girl weekends now and then is exactly what we need. So we can do more of this:

Mother and Daufghter
Bike rides to goodwill, dance parties to Macklemore (oh noes the swears!), Aretha Franklin, and Jenny Lewis. Sunglasses shopping. Flower picking. Park blanket cuddle-fests. Chasing. Piles of book reading. Hand-painting. Mud pie baking. Tickle-attacks. Water-fights. Going down the biggest slide at the park together. Dress-up and co-sleeping. Just the two of us.


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