Keep These 7 Items Handy to Help Care for a Sick Toddler

Strep, some weird virus, now a stomach bug — ARGH! The joys of 4 kids sharing germs has created a circle of sickness and it sucks. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your little one in pain and discomfort.

Seeing that flu season is near (or here, according to some of my friends), I thought I’d share a few items that work well in our house when loving on our sick littles. These are items we keep on hand and in-stock, so when there’s a kid down we are  already prepared and ready!

7 Items to Help Care for a Sick Toddler

  • Tylenol or Ibuprofen 1 of 7
    Tylenol or Ibuprofen
    This may seem like a well duh, and yes I know some people prefer not to use these, but we do. I make sure we always have the right meds handy. With 2 toddlers, we always seem to have one sick or teething.
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  • Pedialyte Packets 2 of 7
    Pedialyte Packets
    A few years ago, I found Pedialyte packets. These are GENIUS! Stock up on these before you have a sick kid. While unopened Pedialyte has a shelf life, as soon as you open it you have 24 hours to use it.
    Available at Amazon - $10.98
  • Temporal Thermometer 3 of 7
    Temporal Thermometer
    Out are the sticking of thermometers in weird places. Nowadays you can just run one across your toddler's head and get a quick, easy reading of what his or her temperature is. This is one of those items worth the investment.
    Available at Amazon - $19.39
  • Humidifier 4 of 7
    With stuffy noses and congestion, humidifiers can work wonders!
    Available at Amazon - $49
  • Nose Frieda 5 of 7
    Nose Frieda
    Okay, yes. This looks like a torture device for moms. No, you can't actually taste the boogers that you are sucking up with this thing. The Nose Frieda gets rave reviews from parents as well as our pediatrician.
    Available at Amazon - $15
  • Toddler Cot 6 of 7
    Toddler Cot
    Keep your little one close. Those all night episodes of sickness makes for a bad night for all parties involved. Buying a toddler cot will help keep you close, but maybe let you get a few quality minutes (hopefully hours) of sleep when pulling an all-nighter.
    We have using the same fold-up toddler cot for the last 9 years - but due to an unfortunate glass of milk spilled and left to ruin the cot incident, we will be this one from Amazon (only $24.89)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup 7 of 7
    Chicken Noodle Soup
    There is something about chicken noodle soup that is just comforting, plus it's easy to go down and helps warm sore throats.
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What Are Your Must Have Items When Caring For A Sick Toddler?

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