Kids and Shag Carpets Don’t Mix

Is there a LEGO lurking in there?

I’m a big fan of how shag carpet looks in catalogues and home decor magazines, but the reality of having a shag in your home with a bunch of small children running around is considerably different.

First, I have never met a shag that didn’t shed. In a parent’s already chaotic world of laundry and toys scattered about the floor, the last thing you need is extra vacuuming.

And speaking of those scattered toys, ever step on a LEGO in the middle of the night? PAINFUL. Do you think a LEGO would be able to hide better in a plush shag or a shorter piled carpet?

That’s what I thought.

LEGOs, Matchbox cars, Barbie doll shoes, etc. all love to hide in thick carpet. I think they even get bigger and sharper overnight. Do your feet a favor and get a carpet where you can at least see tiny toys waiting to stab you in the heel. Every parent steps on a few regardless of carpet length, but at least give yourself a fighting chance.

Let’s move on to cleaning that bad boy. Think spills are annoying? Do you know how much harder a spill is to clean up in a shag carpet than a regular one? Plus, if your kid drops something like, say, a blueberry on the floor— you might not see it until you’ve squashed the stainable juices right onto the rug.

Lastly, if this is an area where your kids will be playing, a shag might seem perfect for a baby rolling on the floor, but it’s not great for new walkers, rolling a miniature train on the ground, or standing toy figurines up without falling (there is nothing that aggravates my toddler more than when she can’t make her Minnie Mouse figurine stand up straight) .

If you are a parent of small children looking for a carpet, I recommend staying away from a shag and going with a tight or short piled carpet.

If you really really really love the idea of a shag, put it in your bedroom.

Then pray your child never enters with a blueberry.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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