Kids crafts projects to make great father’s day gifts

When it comes to Father’s Day, most Dads care more about spending a day with their family than about expensive gifts. Teach your kids that a gift from the heart means more to Dad than a new tie or expensive cologne and watch them as they throw their energies into creating a handmade gift that shows Dad how much they love and appreciate him.

  • Personalized Chocolate Bar (2 – 3-Year-Olds)

    Use your children’s artwork to create a custom wrapper for a candy bar. Dad is sure to appreciate the artwork AND the chocolate!


    Chocolate bar(s), colored construction paper, white drawing paper, markers or crayons, (optional) embellishments (glitter, foam shapes, ribbon, etc.)

    How to

    Step 1: Cut a piece of colored construction paper to cover main part of candy bar

    Step 2: Cut a slightly smaller piece of white drawing paper

    Step 3: Have children color and draw on the white paper. Encourage them to cover all the white space!

    Step 4: Wrap first the colored paper, then the white paper around the candy bar and secure with clear tape.

    Step 5: Embellish, if desired, or tie a ribbon and a homemade gift tag around the candy bar.

  • Desk Organizer (4 – 6-Year-Olds)

    I used to make these desk organizers for my Dad when I was a little girl. The best part about them is that they recycle cardboard you already have at home!


    Cardboard tubes (any size), colored paint and brushes, cereal box or other piece of thick cardboard, hot glue gun (for adult use only)

    How to

    Step 1: Cut cardboard tubes to desired size to hold pencils, pens, push pins, etc. Cut a circle out of the cereal box to act as the base.

    Step 2: Paint tubes and base and set aside to dry.

    Step 3: Once dry, hot glue tubes together, making sure that the bottoms are all level (this is a grown-up job!)

    Step 4: Hot glue tubes to base.

    Step 5: Embellish and decorate, then fill with office supplies!

  • Dad’s Magnets (7 – 10-Year-Olds)

    These magnets are quick and easy to make – and will make a fun and personal addition to Dad’s office!


    Clear glass gems (found inexpensively at any craft or hobby store), magnets, hot glue gun, white cardstock, sharpie markers, pen and scissors.

    How to

    Step 1: Using sharpies, color designs on white cardstock about the same size as the glass gems.

    Step 2: Place glass pebble on top of artwork you wish to use, and draw around it with a pen.

    Step 2: Cut out circles from artwork.

    Step 3: Squeeze hot glue onto back of gem, attach artwork, and allow to dry.

    Step 4: Attach magnet to the back of the cardstock using hot glue.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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