Kids Draw the Darndest Things

It was only a matter of time.

Daddy drawsbig brother draws, and now Little BooBoo draws.

BooBoo’s drawings began as adorable scribble scrabble. But soon, chicken scratches evolved into shapes and shapes evolved into figures.

He started creating square monsters like the one to the left and I ate all the artistic adorableness up with a big ol’ spoon.

I wondered if he was an artistic genius. I mean, he has the genes, right?

He soon grew tired of square monsters and moved onto insects, or “buggies” as he calls them.

I mean seriously BooBoo, could you BE any cuter?

Sadly, buggies failed to capture his attention for long and as soon as his artistic genius lead him into the realm of self-portraiture. That was when things got a little…well, anatomical.

Seriously Mommy Friends, he drew his %&$#@ privates. With pride. And LOTS of snickering giggles.

I still can’t decide whether this self-portrait is hilarious or worthy of an emergency visit to the child psychologist (or both), but the fact that I’m still laughing is a good sign.

So long as I’m sharing, you might as well know he is way more proud of his privates than this picture anyway.

The good news is that this, ahem, anatomical self-portrait was a one shot deal and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least mildly relieved. That said, this rare piece of BooBoo art with privates a blazin’ is forever immortalized in his scrapbook. You know, just in case his prom date is ever interested.

Have your kids ever drawn something – um, interesting?

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