Kids In Costumes: Instagram Challenge

I’m not quite sure what it is, but for some reason (probably because it’s really, freaking cute) people love seeing little ones in costume.

Every time I post a photo of Fern wearing a random costume on Instagram like this one? Elevendy billion likes. Every time I post a photo of a pretty flower or my breakfast or a bathroom mirror selfie? Infinitely less likes. OK. I get it. The public demands it: more kids in costumes!

And thus I am proposing an Instagram challenge. I’m calling it “Littles In Costume” (#littlesincostume). And basically it will just consist of you all posting photos of your kids wearing cute costumes. Costumes can be as simple as a painted face or a pirate eye patch, or they can be more elaborate (if you dress your kid up like this, then we should probably just go ahead and be best friends). Have fun with it! As an added bonus it will keep your littles busy, because who doesn’t like playing dress-up?

So get on Instagram and tag your little one’s dress-up photos with #littlesincostume and make sure to tag me @thelittlethingswedo. I’ll share a round-up of my favorite littles in costume next week! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Here are a few of my favorite “Fern in costume” moments to get you inspired…

  • Fern in Costume 1 of 10

    Costumes on toddlers should probably happen daily. Just sayin'.

  • Fern as a Lion 2 of 10

    Despite the disgruntled look, she actually really loves this yard sale find. She was only annoyed that I kept taking her photo.

  • Fern as a Kitten 3 of 10

    So confused about face paint. It was a love/hate experience.

  • Fern as a Bear 4 of 10

    Hottest bear suit ever, but she didn't even care. Love my little bear.

  • Fern as Beyonce 5 of 10

    All the single babies, all the single babies, now put'cha hands up!

  • Fern as a Bunny 6 of 10

    All you need is a pair of cute ears to spice up your look.

  • Fern as a Fairy 7 of 10

    This might not look like a costume, but if you know me and my aversion to pink and tutus, then you'll know that this was for dress-up. She was a fairy at a fairytale themed birthday party.

  • Fern as Minnie Mouse 8 of 10

    I kind of wanted her to wear this every day.

  • Fern as an Elephant 9 of 10

    Her first Halloween. Cutest little elephant I ever did see.

  • Fern as a Cheetah 10 of 10

    Fern says "Cheetah is the new black. Rawr!"

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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