The Babble List: The 50 Funniest Kid Videos Ever


  • Toddler takes out the trash 1 of 51
    A mom hears, "Mommy, I need some help . . ." and this is what Mom finds in the hallway.
  • Baby falling asleep on couch 2 of 51
    Sometimes, you just don't have the stamina for that last cartoon.
  • Ask a toddler 3 of 51
    A tutorial in tantrum-throwing by a very cute (and only slightly coached) little girl. Skip ahead to 25 seconds to bypass the annoying intro.
  • Hip Hop Baby 4 of 51
    This baby doesn't "dance" so much as "fall all over the bathroom floor." Still, this may give you a new appreciation for downloadable ringtones.
  • Ninja Baby 5 of 51
    Is this a lost audition tape for Shanghai Noon: Baby's Revenge?
  • Hiccups 6 of 51
    Hiccups that won't go away? So freaking annoying. Baby hiccups that won't go away? Now that's another story.
  • Business call 7 of 51
    Hold on — she'll conference you in.
  • Kid in Recording Studio 8 of 51
    Give a kid a microphone and a recording studio, and watch what . . . Wait, what parents give their kids a recording studio? Regardless, this toddler's "Route 66" cover is pretty darn cute. Especially his rocker scream at the finale.
  • Should we give away your baby brother? 9 of 51
    There's a fine line between sibling love and straight-up possessiveness, but we'll give this cute kid and her newborn brother the benefit of the doubt.
  • What a Pregnancy Test is For. 10 of 51
    It just goes to show, there's a test for everything these days.
  • Baby with the Deep Laugh 11 of 51
    Baby Morgan sounds exactly like Fat Albert. Yeah, it's adorable now, but does anyone else worry about how this will affect her dating life in fifteen years?
  • Belly-Dancing Baby 12 of 51
    If anybody should be showing off their belly via an ancient interpretative dance form, it's a baby.
  • The Great Debate 13 of 51
    Now tell me: is it "dadadada" or "daDadada?" These adorable twins weigh in.
  • Cute Japanese Kids Dancing 14 of 51
    We're not sure why these toddlers are dressed as Teletubbies or, really, what they're doing at all. But the one in red is a rockstar. And obviously the only one who showed up for dance practice.
  • Secret Baby Talk 15 of 51
    Just born, and already speaking an indecipherable twin language...
  • Really, really excited about school 16 of 51
    We know we were excited once we grasped the alphabet and numbers, but unlike this kid, we weren't quite so…rapturous.
  • Baby laughs with Mickey and Minnie 17 of 51
    This five-month-old doesn't know exactly what's going on, except that the people in the weird mouse outfits are hilarious.
  • I Want A Lollipop 18 of 51
    Noticing that her mother is out of lollipops, two-year-old Sophie calls her father at work to demand some answers.
  • What’s in Your Tummy? 19 of 51
    This boy's in for a long birds & bees conversation one day, but for now, he's got it all figured out.
  • Can’t Stay Awake, Can’t Stop Jumping 20 of 51
    You can see the inner struggle on this poor little guy's face: "I'm so tired ... but jumping is so much fun ... but I'm so tired ..."
  • Stage fright 21 of 51
    In a world where kids are being trained to be reality stars and pageant queens, it's refreshing to see how uncomfortable this guy is on-camera.
  • Kid Saying “Whatever.” 22 of 51
    This will be less cute when she's a teenager.
  • I’m Not Scared of Monsters 23 of 51
    Clearly, this little girl is a strong believer in the "if I cover my eyes, the monsters can't see me" theory.
  • The Trigon Kid 24 of 51
    This local insurance company has some of the funniest commercials we've ever seen, thanks to a spokeskid who loves to ramble on about anything (except insurance) — listen to his play-by-play of a fight he saw in a movie.
  • The littlest governor 25 of 51
    Most kids are bummed they can't be Superman. This guy's just sad his political aspirations have been squashed before kindergarten.
  • World War II Explained by a Two-Year-Old 26 of 51
    Somehow, the Germans cheated, Egyptians are involved and army houses are made out of clothes. It's possible, right? (And in case you're wondering, yes, this is the same girl responsible for "Kittens, Inspired by Kittens")
  • Obama Baby 27 of 51
    No matter what your political beliefs, you have to admit: "Obama" is just a fun word to say. (Even if you say it "O-ma-BA.")
  • Naptime’s Over 28 of 51
    Potty humor was never so short and sweet.
  • Toddlers Get Political 29 of 51
    Why don't more public figures pontificate from the bathtub? So much more direct and personal. We're joining this baby's political camp.
  • Giggling Twins 30 of 51
    Baby #1: "You're so funny, brother!" Baby #2: "No, you're so funny, brother!" Baby #1: "No, you're so funny, brother!" Repeat.
  • The five-year-old feminist 31 of 51
    This independent kid has a message for her potential suitors...
  • Pacifier Baby 32 of 51
    Who needs hand-eye coordination when you've got arms?
  • Toddler Leads the Celebration 33 of 51
    Little Will spontaneously leads a mob of Phillies Fans in a cheer — further proof that toddlers could take over the world, if they only had the motor skills.
  • Dance Dance Revolution 34 of 51
    We've played this game. It's hard. Really hard. The fact that this four-year-old would kick our ass does absolutely nothing for our ego.
  • Say “Firetruck” 35 of 51
    Quoth his parents, in the comments section: "This dude is five now, and can say TRUCK just fine . . . He out grew it, just like any normal kid would. It was funny when it happened three years ago, and it still makes me LOL today." Us too.
  • Baby Tries Her First Pickle 36 of 51
    Prediction: She's not going to be a Sour Patch Kid fan later in life.
  • Capucine, the French Storyteller 37 of 51
    This video makes us want to move to Paris and become a preschool teacher.
  • I Don’t Like You, Mommy 38 of 51
    Honesty is the best policy. Or is it? Watch this three-year-old tell his Mom he only likes her when she gives him cookies.
  • All the Single Babies 39 of 51
    No matter that this tot won't be able to speak for a few months — Beyonce is a universal language.
  • Kid singing “my humps” 40 of 51
    We thought we'd be happy never to hear this Black Eyed Peas song again, but this little kid's fudged lyrics ("I'll be chirpy burpy nice!" "Don't poo on my hand boy, I'm just tryin' to dance boy!") make it worth a few more listens.
  • Hey Jude 41 of 51
    The Beatles have been covered by The Rolling Stones, U2, and Jimi Hendrix. But the rock legends have nothing on this diaper-wearing, guitar-toting toddler's rendition of "Hey Jude."
  • Cute Girl Singing 42 of 51
    If YouTube had a karaoke champion, it would be this little girl, singing her heart out to an Indonesian love song.
  • Baby Tearing Paper 43 of 51
    Get it? See, because it's one piece of paper — and then when it rips, it becomes two pieces of paper! Nine-month-old Ethan thinks this is the best joke of all time.
  • Star Wars Explained by a Three-Year-Old 44 of 51
    Guess Star Wars isn't that complicated after all. The greatest trilogy of all time is explained in ninety seconds by a three-year-old. Her take on Darth Vader? "Don't talk back, or he'll getcha!" Smart girl.
  • Kittens, Inspired by Kittens 45 of 51
    It's the greatest story ever told . . . about kittens. Or as BoingBoing put it, it's "the best internet video in the history of all time this week."
  • Nintendo 64 46 of 51
    Beware when little kids get what they want. This boy's thrill at receiving a Nintendo 64 for Christmas is so frighteningly endearing, the video has been made into a death metal remix, Good Morning America invited the family to chat, and BMW ran the video in their Christmas ad campaign.
  • Can I be a single lady? 47 of 51
    With a killer song like Beyonce's, it's no wonder this little boy wants in.
  • David After the Dentist 48 of 51
    With more than 20 million views, this video of disoriented seven-year-old David Devore recovering from anesthesia is a YouTube sensation. The video earned David advertising revenue and a trip to Disney World.
  • Laughing Baby 49 of 51
    Swedish baby William has the most infectious belly laugh ever captured on video, as evidenced by the insane view count — over 85 million, making it the eighth most-viewed YouTube video of all time. The laughing baby has been the subject of a Slate article and a South Park spoof — it even made the Queen of England laugh. Well, chuckle. Well, smile, anyway.
  • Charlie Bit My Finger 50 of 51
    If you haven't seen this video of baby biting his brother's hand, you've been living in a hole. With more than 95 million views, the video's made British brothers Harry and Charlie two of YouTube's best-loved toddlers.
  • The Babble List: The 50 Funniest Kid Videos Ever 51 of 51

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