Kindergarten Tour Day: Less a Toddler, More a Kid Everyday

JK / SK School TourI’m not one to wax poetic about the milestones my babies and toddlers have made over the past few years.

I’ve attempted to express the deep, sensitive feelings on motherhood, but I always end up sounding like a smart-ass, or a dork, or occasional snippets of dark humour creeps in along the way. So I’m just going to embrace that, because anything else just feels contrived and fake.

It’s not that I don’t have tender thoughts towards their development, or wistful, wishy-washy moments wherein I feel like snort crying into a towel when, say for instance, one of them takes a tour of their new school and kindergarten classroom for the first time. Yea, that happened today.

You may remember the predicament we felt we were in a couple of months ago when we first when to register him. I wondered and asked about how to get our boy into the better school out of our jurisdiction.

And then my neighbours came to our rescue. We put our differences aside (fun, whee!) and decided to try at being friends. They have a sweet boy who is the same age as our son and they’ll be in the same class together. (A classroom that is far more lovely than I could have imagined.) I got the scoop on how awesome the JK/SK teacher is. Upon meeting her today, I fell in love with her solid and loving ways.

Wifey ( the neighbour) and I talked about school committees, and about how we’d both love to see the outdoor space improved upon. Trev said he’d be into doing music workshops with the kids – and a brief mention of it to the administration proved that they are interested in such. Then my brain started doing that thing it does. Dreaming and planning. Sometimes it gets me into trouble or I find myself over-committing, but usually it’s a good thing.

We even talked about starting a school community garden. An idea of which I have this amazing mama to thank for. I definitely won’t be able to rock it the way she does – but the community garden part? I’m into that. Turns out neighbour wifey is too.

Heck, we even talked about taking turns walking our kids to school and having playdates when she’s on her own (hubs is a pilot) and has to drive to pick up their other boy from his French immersion school.

Maybe I am cut out for making mom friends in the suburbs after all. Just don’t expect me to be rockin’ thousands of dollas in complete Lululemon outfits and strollin’ $1,500 strollers.

***Deep, deep shudder***

My kids hate strollers anyways.


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