Another successful Halloween in the house of moosh! I totally understand that some people don’t celebrate for a dozen different reasons and I also understand that other people celebrate much differently than us. We’re pretty traditional, costumes (but never scary, slutty or gory ones) pumpkins, a fun dinner (tonight was mummy dogs and goblin juice), trick our treating and we end the night by watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”

I love Halloween, the fun side of it, not the gross out spooky scary side. I love a good Halloween costume and I’m convinced that the absolute best day to be on Facebook and Instagram is Halloween (even during an election year!) The best costume that came to my door was a totally legit Mary Poppins by a nine year old, I gave her lots of extra candy out of respect. There were way too many scary bloody things at my door tonight and one little girl in a Minnie costume looked at me after I gave her some candy and said “SO, I WANT SOME MORE.” She was maybe three and just beginning to grasp the concept of Halloween and the idea of people just giving her candy because she asked. Of course I gave her more, girl knew what she wanted.

We went with a bit of a theme this year, Addie was a witch (she wanted to be a slutty werewolf) and to sweeten the pot I told her Vivi would be her little black kitty. It was pretty simple, a $5 black kitty set from Target, all black clothes and whiskers drawn on with eyeliner. The bad news is she ended the night in tears because she got cold trick or treating and didn’t realize what the heck was going on, the good news? Aqua Eyes Eyeliner FOR SERIOUS does not run or smudge even through tears, sobs and snot.

And now for the photos.

  • YAY I’M A KITTY! 1 of 7
    I'd like to say this is her reaction to Halloween in general, but it's to her dad who was standing right over my shoulder. Lucky guy.
  • CANDY THIS WAY! 2 of 7
    It's like she knew what was going on, as soon as we let her outside she was all excitement and business.
  • The Best I Could Do. 3 of 7
    The Best I Could Do.
    Eh, one of them is smiling, they're both in the same photo, the big one was complaining the little one wanted candy...I did the best I could.
  • Watching the Woods 4 of 7
    Watching the Woods
    Addie was mad her hat kept blowing, Vivi was looking for squirrels.
  • GEESE! 5 of 7
    A huge flock of geese flew over as I was taking pictures, Vivi loves a good goose.
  • A Kitty with her Puppy 6 of 7
    A Kitty with her Puppy
    Vivi used Addie's puppy trick or treat basket from 2008, when she was a puppy.
  • Everyone 7 of 7
    Cody as Doofinschmirtz with his arch nemesis Perry, Addie as a witch and Vivi as a blurry kitty.

Until next year Halloween fans!


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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