Of Rockstars, Superheroes & Those In Between: Last Minute, Easy DIY Hallowe’en Costumes

While looking at elaborate Hallowe’en costumes that someone had time to make their kids is fun…making them oneself not always so realistic. Neither is buying an expensive costume. Even I, the crazy DIY lady doesn’t have the time to be making intricate Hallowe’en costumes. You can bet I’ll pin the heck out of them though. Inspiration, fun things to look at, squeal over and all of that.

Last week I brought you The Amazing, Awkward & Hilarious: 25 Halloween Costume Ideas For Siblings. Today I’m going to bring you some of the easiest handmade costume ideas for your little marvel superhero, rockstar and artist wannabes. With a few simple themes thrown in between…

  • Simple Sew Captain America 1 of 12
    When I say simple I mean it. For those who know how that is. This tutorial will take you less than a couple of hours. For those who love the idea of a Marvel Superhero costume and don't want to sew, AT ALL. Click on my friends. I have what you want.
    Learn ore from Show Tell Share
  • Kiki from the Fresh Beat Band 2 of 12
    I'm not sure I don't know of a toddler who doesn't love this show. Way too cute and easy.
    Learn more via Twelve Sixteen
  • Little Salvador Dali 3 of 12
    See that mustache right there? I would personally draw a much more extreme and pointed one, more befitting to Dali's remarkable style of facial grooming. Also? Put a little suit on your munchkin under that cardboard pallet and you've won Hallowe'en.
    Get the instructions over on Southern Living
  • Frida Khalo 4 of 12
    Damn, but this is a brilliant idea. And adorable.
    Learn more from Oh Happy Day
  • Green Eggs & Ham 5 of 12
    More genius going on here. You could keep things even more simple by omitting the green eggs and ham felted plate action and none would be the wiser. (Although it is a pretty dang cute addition).
    Learn how you can do this over at Dan Made It
  • Marvel Superheroes FTW 6 of 12
    We've hit the jackpot with this one people. This mama has created templates and tutorials for Batman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Ironman and Wolverine. She's publishing the Super Girl and Wonder Girl costumes really soon! I know.
    Get all of the free template downloads and easy instructions via Twin Dragonfly Designs
  • a Trifecta of Easy 7 of 12
    Firstly, I am all about no sew tutus. Secondly, I wish I had found this easy tutorial when I first attempted to make my son that Martha Stewart owl costume that's been viral on the internets since the day it was published. Surely y'all know what I'm talking about. Thirdly, sharks can be cute. Who knew.
    Full instructions for all three costume ideas over at Fiskars
  • Super Cool Geek Girl to the Rescue 8 of 12
    This little one can come to my aid any day. So over-the-top adorable. I wants to nibble her.
    Learn more on Small for Big
  • Easy Sew Animal Masks 9 of 12
    Felt is the new black. And these masks are magnificent in their simplicity. These are also great for toddlers who don't want to wear anything from head to toe, well-suited to chillier climates. Add a hoodie and leggings and a tutu (no, I won't stop it with the tutus), for a little girl; or hoodie and a pair of jeans and a stuffed leotard tail for a little boy and it's game on.
    Get all three free templates and instructions via Petit Poulou
  • The Sweetest Bunny 10 of 12
    I cam e across this one a while back and couldn't wait for a time to share it with you all. Yes, i am a nerd who get excited about such things. Onwards.
    Get the detailed tutorial and easy pattern for FREE! via The Purl Bee
  • Meaty Baby Gaga 11 of 12
    So wrong, yet so right. Modern Kiddo's costume parade is always a good time. Thanks for always curating such awesome costume Alix and Dotty!
    Learn more from Modern Kiddo
  • Mini Peter Pan 12 of 12
    Personally, I think this would make a great little girl or boy costume. We all know that more women play the part in live theatre productions anyways. So.
    Learn more over on Make It Love It

As a huge fan of art, music (specifically live shows) and theatre, I chose a bunch of these costumes in honour of some of the super cool entertainment events that are happening right now! Like what you might ask? Oh, just Lady Gaga’s U.S. tour, an amazing Salvador Dali event, New York’s incredible new exhibit MARVEL SUPER HEROES 4D, and the Fresh Beat Band, live in concert.

To name a few. Some of my Christmas presents? Already done.

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