Leave the Toddler, Take the Cannoli

I was laying in Cody’s lap nearly 12 years ago as he was talking about New York and making a trip back soon.

“I wish I could go to New York.” I said.

“Want to come with me?” he asked.

It was in that moment when I was 18 years old, in the dark of his West Salt Lake apartment that I knew I was going to marry Cody, have his babies and grow old with him. 12 years later and we’ve been to New York twice, and we leave next week for our third trip to The Big Apple together. It’s a quick one this time, and he’ll actually just be piggybacking on a trip I’m scheduled to take, but who cares! It’s New York with my lover!

Ever since this summer, when I took a three day weekend trip to Chicago alone with Addie I’ve been dreaming of traveling with her more and more. I would have loved to have been able to bring her on this quick trip to NYC, but the details just didn’t work out. I promised her we’d take a trip every summer together, just the two of us. Lately I’ve been thinking about trips with just the three of us, Cody, Addie and me. No offense Vivi, but when it comes down to it? You’re really hard to travel with right now.

Obviously Vivi wouldn’t be left behind forever, but until she’s old enough to make it through a day without a diaper or a nap she’s not exactly big vacation material. Cody and I took our first cruise this summer and we would both LOVE to take Addie on a cruise someday (or to New York) but to be honest we’d most likely leave Vivi behind. She has horrible table manners, sleeps fitfully, requires an entire suitcase of random stuff and has a bad habit of licking the floor. It’s not like we vacation a lot, or that we’ll ever have the chance to cruise with our kids anytime soon, but we do try to get out and about when we have the chance. In fact later this week we’re headed to Ohio, all four of us. Vivi is built right into the itinerary and while she probably won’t remember the trip, it will be fun to have her along since it will be a pretty laid back.

But when we’re talking big cities or cruise ships, sorry babycakes. You’re probably going to get left behind (but you’ll get left behind with spectacular people who love you and will let you eat cheese for three meals a day!). Someday when your sister is grown up and moved out? You’ll be the one headed out on all the vacations. Having kids 7 years apart is downright awesome in about a hundred ways, each kid has their own “only kid” vibe. Hanging out with each kid alone will always be special time to me and I’ll take it any chance I can get. Addie’s first trip to Disneyland was at two and half and it was pretty close to perfect for her first visit, so fear not little Vivi, you won’t be left behind forever (if ever.)

While we both love spending time with our girls together, we love that we are able to have so much one on one time with them as well.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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