Leaving Our Toddler’s First Home

I remember the day we brought Harrison home to our little grey house with the black shutters.

It was cold, even for middle October in North Carolina.  We had entered the hospital with eighty-degree weather and left three days later to the mid-fifties.  He was bundled up in a white sleeper that my friend Emilee gifted us many months ago, and a “Sweet Pea” Gymboree blanket that he still sleeps with to this day.  I was tired and sore but happy as we pulled into our driveway.  Doug parked and we lifted our sleeping baby out of the backseat and walked him into our home with little fanfare — it was just the three of us, so no cameras or balloons or relatives.  That would all come later.

We settled in and made a snack and took a snooze and started a load of laundry.  Harrison stayed swaddled in blankets and love and I never knew more peace than that day in our little house.

Now we are boxed up and ready to hand over the keys to that house and my heart feels a certain heaviness that betrays my excitement for this new chapter in our life.  I think of all the first moments we had in that house and I wonder – what will Harrison remember, if anything?

  • My maternity leave 1 of 12
    My maternity leave
    Another one that he won't remember that is tattooed on my heart. The months spent home with him, the laundry rolling and bottle-washing and exhaustion.
  • The spring I spent at home with him 2 of 12
    The spring I spent at home with him
    There's a chance he'll remember this past spring when I was home with him. One of the best seasons of my life.
  • Milestones 3 of 12
    He learned to sit up, walk, eat, run, talk, and pray in this house. Those memories feel so attached to our home.
  • His room 4 of 12
    His room
    Lovingly decorated by me and later as it took more his personality with colors and cars and monkeys rather than boats.
  • Birthdays 5 of 12
    We celebrated two birthdays in our backyard, with friends and homemade cupcakes.
  • His first snow 6 of 12
    His first snow
    He was not a fan but we've had three dustings since and he's become far more fond.
  • The park that’s just a mile away 7 of 12
    The park that's just a mile away
    Will he remember all the hours we spent there in the past three years? The walks and pictures and tree-climbing?
  • His backyard chalkboard 8 of 12
    His backyard chalkboard
    Will he remember the hours we spent decorating this and drawing on our driveway and the evenings I pushed him in the little swing in the backyard?
  • A baby dedication 9 of 12
    A baby dedication
    My first Mother's Day, we dedicated our baby to Jesus. Family and friends came to celebrate Harrison and our role as his parents. I took an hour with him in our yard with our camera, just soaking in time with my baby away from the hustle.
  • His first Christmas 10 of 12
    His first Christmas
    I know he won't remember this, but I remember that first Christmas morning as a family with hot coffee and a swaddled baby. May he will remember last Christmas, when he got his play kitchen?
  • His playroom 11 of 12
    His playroom
    We spent almost every moment in the house in this room, covered with his toys.
  • The walks in the neighborhood 12 of 12
    The walks in the neighborhood
    Our neighborhood was perfect for morning and evening walks.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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