Lemme Do It! Allowing Your Toddler to Make Mistakes

Lookin' good dude!

If you’re anything like me you feel the need to maintain parental control over most situations. I’m pretty sure that’s what good mothers do and I obviously want to be one of those.

My son BooBoo is in that ultra scary-gonna be the death of me-“Lemme do it” stage and I can only wish and pray that his common sense and fine motor skills hurry and catch up with him already.

Case in point: Drinking glasses

There comes a time when we have to ditch the sippy cup and move on to real drinking glasses made of well, glass. I’m pretty sure I still have glass shards embedded in both feet from when my older son went through this phase. Just yesterday BooBoo dropped a glass of milk in spite of the repeated “Use both hands” warnings. It may do no good to cry over spilled milk but crying over broken glass shards in your foot is an entirely different story.

Case in point: Self-wiping

Yes, I went there. Sooner or later our toddlers will want to tackle the challenge of wiping themselves after going #2 on the potty and the laundry gods lament. I don’t really feel the need to go into details here, you’re already thinking all the same things I’m thinking so let’s just agree to remind our toddlers of proper bathroom hygiene and move on.

Case in point: Dressing like a crazy person

Toddlers love to dress themselves in the most ridiculously awesome get-ups imaginable. I read somewhere important that it’s our job to allow them to do so or risk damaging their self-esteem and creative expression (or something like that). My son regularly goes to preschool wearing cycling gloves, mismatched patterns/colors and two different shoes. He thinks he looks cool, his preschool thinks it’s great; I’m pretty sure he’ll be on Mr. Blackwell’s 2011 Worst Dressed List.

It’s our job to let our spirited toddlers make their “mistakes” if we can even call them that. Toddlerhood is the perfect time to get all the practice they need before reaching big kid status. It might be messy, cringe-worthy and often crazy but it’s all part of the charm that makes toddlerhood so absolutely awesome!

What are your favorite toddler “mistakes”?

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