Let’s Do This! Our Potty-Training Gear

Round three. *Ding, ding, ding!!!*

That’s right, this will be the third time we are venturing into potty-training with our three year old.

I took all of the advice I read and heard. I listened to my gut and didn’t push Wyndham when he completely rejected anything to do with graduating from diapers.

Lately, he’s been taking an active interest in using the toilet, talking about being a big boy and using the toilet, ‘just like *insert-adult-person-he-adores-here*’ If those aren’t a couple of obvious signs that our son is ready to make the leap without being pushed in, I don’t know what are.

I’ll admit to not having been ready for it myself in the past. We had some regular underwear and a few books and a potty. That was it. Which, some might say is enough. Since we did cloth for a long time with both of our littles, the mister and I both naturally gravitated towards cloth underwear and night-time pull-ups for a couple of reasons.

With cloth, a child can feel the wetness – pull-ups keep the wetness wicked away, which in my opinion defeats the purpose. I’ve heard of some pull-ups that activate some ‘special ingredient’ to make a child feel cold when they have an accident…which likely contains chemical inducing properties, I mean, right? We know the stuff that’s in non-biodegradable sposies isn’t natural and not the greatest for the environment, so we make our choices that best suit the needs and values of our family. As one does.

So, if you’re interested in using cloth underwear and over-night pull-ups to potty-train your toddler — take advantage of the hours of research I’ve done in sourcing some of the best priced, well-reviewed products on the market to get you started!


  • Potty 1 of 15
    Some say a potty isn't necessary and that we should be getting our toddlers to use the regular toilet with us. Which I agree with. I'm also of a mind-set that the more time on the potty the better. While reading books, watching their favourite show, hanging out in any room and being able to be a part of what's going on with the rest of the family is key. We were given this one by a friend and we love how it doubles as a step stool for using the regualr toilet, hand washing and teeth-brushing. The caddies on wither side make a great spot for books and cars, etc., and the large pee guard is a necessary and welcome accompaniment that isn't featured on many potties.
    Available via Potty Training Concepts, $31.45
  • Potty Training Chart & Reward Stickers 2 of 15
    Potty Training Chart & Reward Stickers
    I'm so down with this. Wyndham loves Dora and stickers. It's not difficult to surmise that tacking this up in the bathroom will entice him to spend more time in there and receive the reward of stickers every time he goes!
    Available via Potty Training Concepts, $12.95
  • Cloth Training Pants 3 of 15
    Cloth Training Pants
    These ones offer light protection with a waterproof, vinyl-free outer. Easy to pull up and down, trim enough to let your little one feel the wet and reasonably priced.
    Available via By Nature, $13.49
  • Daytime Trainers 4 of 15
    Daytime Trainers
    We may not think it will make a difference, but fun prints do indeed get little ones excited about potty-training. I like that these ones are trim and absorbent enough to catch small accidents that they can still feel without leaking all over the place. I only grabbed a couple of these as they are on the pricier side.
    Available via By Nature, $21.98
  • Overnight Pull-ups 5 of 15
    Overnight Pull-ups
    Believe me when I tell you that I thoroughly researched my options in choosing an overnight cloth training pant. I wanted something that was absorbent enough to keep accidents from seeping into everything, but not so absorbent that it's essentially a diaper which wicks the moisture completely away, letting him stay soundly asleep. I think the whole point is that if he does have an accident, that he feels it, realize he doesn't like it and learns to get up and use the potty or think twice before saying he doesn't have to go before bed. At least that's all the hope, right? I grabbed two.
    Available via By Nature, $31.98
  • Folding Potty Seat 6 of 15
    Folding Potty Seat
    This one is for the 'big boy' toilet that I hope to have Wyndham use with his Daddy and I more often than his chair. Whenever Daddy or I go to the washroom, Wyndham goes sort of thing. We have two bathrooms at home, so this looks to be the easiest solution and one that we can pack up with him for the home-based Daycare he attends twice a week. (They have no potties there!)
    Available via My Precious Kid, $11.99
  • And Yet Even More Stickers 7 of 15
    And Yet Even More Stickers
    If you have a toddler, then you understand their intense love for stickers. M&M's or marshmallows are great, although perhaps not every single time they make it to the potty.
    Available via Potty Training Concepts, $3.71
  • Travelling Potty Chair 8 of 15
    Travelling Potty Chair
    With all of the travelling we do, I'm thinking this is necessary.
    Get it from My Precious Kid, $32.99
  • Potty Power! 9 of 15
    Potty Power!
    My boy LOVES movies, and given our track record in adventures with potty-training, I'm willing to shell out a few bucks for this. Something tells me he'll love it.
    Get it from Amazon, $10.00
  • Car Seat Protector 10 of 15
    Car Seat Protector
    This may not be necessary for all families, but we are a bunch who road-trip quite a bit, so.
    Get it on Amazon, $13.49
  • Wool Mattress Protector 11 of 15
    Wool Mattress Protector
    As the bedwetting will most likely commence, one of these vinyl free, naturally absorbent, (especially when lanolized) warm wooly pads will do quite nicely underneath his sheets.
    Get you own via Turn a New Leaf, $50.00
  • Sheets 12 of 15
    Lots of them. Wyndham has a sliding drawer under his bed and that's where I'll be stroring a few fitted clean sheets for quick changing. Which hopefully won't happen all that much with the over-night pull ups, but I think bed-wetting is a necessary part of the journey and learning process.That's how he'll learn, right? No one wants to sleep in a wet bed, or get woken up by being in a wet bed, pajamas and undies. All cotton, no poly.
    Grab a few from Ikea, $14.99
  • Kindness, Patience & Praise 13 of 15
    Kindness, Patience & Praise
    All of these things not to be mistaken with a lack of consistency. I'm learning how to walk that fine line in many areas of parenting, with more confidence each day.
  • Books 14 of 15
    There's a ton of them out there...I ordered these ones a while ago and they have been a part of the regular book rotation since we first began our choppy potty-training expedition.
    Check out Wyndham's top picks here!
  • Jogging Pants 15 of 15
    Jogging Pants
    Jogging pants. Lots and lots of comfy, elastic waistband jogging pants for daycare. We plan on letting him run around naked for much of the time at home, for the first couple of days at least.
    Find them at H & M, $12.49



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