When You Let a Toddler Name Her Baby Brother

Letting My Toddler Name Her Baby BrotherEver since we found out we were having another baby and told our daughter about it, we’ve made a fun game out of asking her what we should name the baby.

In the early days, her suggestions weren’t terribly interesting and none of them ever stuck. For a while (before we knew we were having a boy) she said we should name it “Baby Debina” because she had randomly met a baby while at a restaurant with her grandparents and the baby’s name was Debina. Eventually she gave the name to one of her dolls and forgot about using it as a baby name.

From time to time, after finding out we were having a little boy, we’d ask her again and her usual response was to ignore the question and instead inform us, “I gonna have a baby sister.”

Sorry kid. No such luck.

Then one night at dinner it came to her. I asked what we should name Baby Brother and she very emphatically shouted, “Panta!” (pan-tuh). We laughed which she thought was funny and kept repeating it and then we’d laugh again. We probably had a five minute family laugh-fest over it.

I figured she’d forget about the name like always, but the next time we talked about the baby she shouted, “Panta!” Guess she didn’t forget. She also recently added another name to the mix: “Coaxa” (coax-uh). She’s not typically one for made up words, but she’s pretty determined about this.

So, now Baby Brother’s name is: Coaxa Panta (coax-uh pan-tuh).

And no… we’re not actually going to let her come up with his legal name. But, if she wants to call him Coaxa Panta until he gets here? I don’t mind. It has to be good for bonding or something, right? Now, if we could just convince her that she’s getting a baby brother and not a sister…

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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