Life With Vivi, Captured in One Photo

This isn't THE photo, but it's a close second.

It’s strange to suddenly have a small human running about your house screaming the guttural cries of her people and pushing tiny shopping carts into your legs. She likes to crawl between my legs while I’m cooking, only her head is about 6 inches too tall and wide to fit well, meaning I get a workout and a hot meal on the table! I went to the doctor a few weeks ago for the cold that never seemed to end and when the doctor asked if I worked out regularly I responded “Only if chasing Vivi counts.”


Obviously this woman never had a little kid as spirited as Vivi, because with all the crap she throws at my head and wheeled objects she has me dodging throughout the day? Even Jillian Michaels would agree that what I go through on a daily basis is a work out. I’m on! All the time! GO TEAM GO!

Even taking pictures of Vivi anymore involves cardio, a little bit of Pilates and on occasion some kickboxing. She’s ALWAYS MOVING. But Thursday night, I got it. The one photo that sums up Vivi’s entire existence at this moment in time, see it after the jump!

I mean, where do I start? The thighs? Yep. The boots on the wrong feet? The floppy hair? Cody always on the floor ready to play with both girls? The constant naked? The love and adoration of drinking water? The fact that she just hung out in a pair of Addie’s boots while sipping on a sippy like it was nothing?

Everything about this picture screams the life I live everyday with this little girl, and it makes me so. damn. happy.

If anyone were to ever ask what it’s like living with a toddler? I’d just show them this photo and say “THIS.”

And that’s all that would need to be said.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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