Like Mother, Like Daughter: 14 Ways My Little Girl Is Just Like Me

It’s true: I have me a little follower who hangs on my every word, parrots my actions and speech, and notes all that I deem awesome and worthy of my time suckage. Every day, my wee daughter becomes more independent. As her personality develops, I see so much in her that mirrors me — and it’s hard not to feel unnerved by it.

Being parents, we know what we got into — raising a child and her being inclined to mimic us. That being said, I think we have a few things going for us: our presence, our unflinching support, and our love are sure to go a long way in helping to manage all of the intelligence and sass she possesses. I have to believe our parenting will also assist in teaching her how to make these things work for her rather than against her.

Click through for 14 ways my little girl is just like me!

  • I’m Not Scared! (Yet.) 1 of 15
    Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Sometimes she's clearly trying to mimic me, other times? It's all naturally inherited, 100% >>>

  • Gardening & Sundresses 2 of 15
    Toddler Girl In a Sundress

    She would pluck every dress off every rack where-ever and when-ever the chance presents itself and chooses the airy, summer-type variety most usually. I've given up not letting her wear them when she comes to muck about with me in the garden, because girl knows how to kick up a fuss. And really, that's what Spray 'N' Wash is for. Little girls are meant to get dirty and wear as many dresses and/or overalls/whatever they want while doing it. 

  • Silly & Good Natured 3 of 15
    Mother & Daughter

    While she does have her melty, kicky, scream-y, flailing-punch-you-in-the-nose moments, she's one sweet and happy little girl for the most part. She can rock a silly face just like me and I show her how to get down with a little Tom Foolery, no shame.

  • Gourmet Goddess 4 of 15
    Toddler Play Kitchen

    Technically not really apt at making a meal one could actually eat, imagination is key here. Although she does make a mean mud pie.

  • Party Animal 5 of 15
    Toddler Girl Loves To Party

    Helmets and knee pads totes optional.

  • Little Ass Kicker 6 of 15
    Independent Toddler

    That would be a Walking Dead reference in case you aren't familiar. All true. Girl's fierce independence knows no bounds. Unfortunately I can't wrap her in foam and bubble wrap (since she seems to think she can fly), or can I?

  • Lover of All Things Brunch 7 of 15
    Toddler Loves Brunch

    Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles, she loves it all and would eat it for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. She currently enjoys helping out with the making of brunch as we can clearly see.

  • Big Fan of Dress-Up 8 of 15
    Toddler Girl Dressed as a Fairy

    These days she favours the wings and tutu variety of fairy type costumes, on regular rotation with a firefighter suit.

  • Champion Freezie Eating & Awkward/Frightening/Charming Face-Making Aficionado 9 of 15
    Toddler Girl Eating Freezies

    Not all always at the same time. More face making than anything else. It's an art-form, really. She can at once bedazzle, shame and scare a person senseless. (See also zombie and/or vampire toddler who can and will eat your brains.) And to think she gets it all from me. This look says, "Bro. You literally have 2 seconds to put my shovel down. Mine is yellow, yours is green. Stick to the rules and no one gets hurt."

  • Animal Lover 10 of 15
    Toddlers Love Animals

    Not your average toddler on the tail-pulling front. She has a magical, gentle way with all types of animals. Her most recent favoured discovery; the baby goat. 

  • Nurturing 11 of 15
    Sweet Toddler

    The lustre of dolls and strollers has yet to wear off. She will spend large amounts of time tending to her babies, 'changing diapers', feeding them, rocking them, taking them for a stroll, putting them to sleep, playing with and at times disciplining them. (You know you want to see that one played out.)

  • Little Foodie 12 of 15
    Toddler Who Loves Food

    She has her picky moments, but for the most part - my girl loves to eat, just like her mama.

  • LOMG Shoes! 13 of 15
    Toddler Girl Loves Shoes

    Girl simple can't get enough of her favourite accessory: shoes. She's been known to sleep with new ones and needs to be wearing a pair most often to do whatever it is she is doing around the house. Clearly, this is what we have to look forward to. (Kidding!...Sort of.)

  • Nester 14 of 15
    Toddler Girl's Dollhouse

    At 22 months she is full-on into the doll-house thing. For someone toddler barely out of baby-hood, she is very precise and delicate in how she putters about with organizing rooms and engaging in imaginative play, acting out scenes with the little people, domestic and farm animals. I mean, she even puts them all to sleep by laying them down and singing them all songs and telling us all to hush while she sways back and forth humming and closing her eyes. I mean, COME ON.

  • Feisty 15 of 15
    Saucy Toddler

    This one's not afraid to speak her mind. See also: Little Ass Kicker. (This could become problematic once she hits the teen years - I'm well aware, as we share this character trait - but I've a ways to go for that yet.)


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