Long Days: A Preschooler in the Summer

People. Can we talk about how it is the middle of July already?  JULY. As someone pointed out on Twitter, we are closer to the holidays of 2013 than we are to the past holidays of 2012. (Follow?)  That just blows my mind.

But here we are in the long, lazy days of summer. This one has been particularly good for our family. We are spending more time together outside and I’m already sporting a tan despite 50 SPF slathering. We’ll be headed to the beaches of North Carolina here in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see how Harrison is in the water this year. Also, I’m starting my book stash for reading on the beach and starting a checklist of things to accomplish, like getting my big camera cleaned. I think it’s been a solid year since I pulled out my DSLR. I’m much less active on social media and blogs and I feel like I keep popping up to say, “I’m alive!” only to disappear for another 2-3 weeks. Sorry about that. But really, I’m not sorry because we are just having the best time with new adventures. Having a preschooler in the summer is pretty awesome.

  • The band-aid phase 1 of 9

    Please tell me  your preschooler is going through this. I think we should just own stock in bandaids, although an Instagram buddy of mine said that in her house, a bandaid requires blood. Every night before bed, Harrison INSISTS that he has a boo-boo that needs a bandaid. I can't tell you how many invisible injuries we have covered with Sesame Street.

  • Fourth of July 2 of 9

    Our Fourth of July was kind of a bust. I had my first migraine in months and MAN! did it kick me down. I spent the majority of the day refusing to face light or sound with pain killers and an ice pack on my head. I managed to be upright by dinner, but my idea of grilled dinner and corn on the cob was gone. Instead, we had frozen pizza as a "picnic" on the floor and watched the neighbor's shoot fireworks.

  • Berries 3 of 9

    Harrison confession: he used to be a strawberry hater and it kind of made me wonder if he was really my kid. I'm a HUGE strawberry lover and thankfully, he's joined me. I think we go through 2-3 cartons of strawberries per week, between snacks and meals and smoothies.

  • Epic naps 4 of 9

    Thank you, beloved neighborhood pool. You are giving us the greatest sleep we've all had in a long time. Harrison is sacked out for 2-3 hours every Saturday or Sunday, which means I've been doing more cleaning, more reading, and more napping. It makes the summer feel far more relaxing.

  • The zoo 5 of 9

    We took Harry to the North Carolina zoo for the first time! He LOVED it. Tips: take a stroller, water, snacks, and good walking shoes. Sunscreen and bug spray don't hurt, either. He insisted on bringing "Hank," his beloved giraffe lovey, so that Hank could "meet his family." It was the sweetest thing my boy has ever done.

  • The pink goggles 6 of 9

    He insisted on these and wearing them opened a whole new confidence at the pool. With goggles, he jumps off the side and goes under and tries to swim on his own. Definitely worth a try if you have a timid swimmer!

  • I work hard for the money 7 of 9

    Because it's not an Instagram montage without coffee, am I right?  I picked up several new international clients at work, which means I'm even crazier in the office! I feel like I barely sit down in the morning before it's already 5 PM, but I guess that's the way work should be—fast, challenging work that I enjoy.

  • Giraffes are the new monkey 8 of 9

    At the zoo, Harrison picked out a new "Hank," aka giraffe. He named her Rosie and she's pretty darn cute. I am now referred to as "Momma Giraffe" 90% of the time. I guess since I am 5'11" it is fitting!

  • Getting healthy…ish 9 of 9

    So I'm back at the gym since I'm 100% healed from my surgery. I have to admit that it's a hard pull for me to spend an hour there at the end of the day when I want to be home with my boys. I spend 8 hours away from Harrison every day that another hour seems like hell...but I feel like I need to do it for my health. Does anyone else really struggle with viewing exercise as one more hour away?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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