Look What I Found: 7 Foreign Objects Left By My Toddler

toy airplane in nesting bowls
"I'll just have a bowl of plane soup, please."

Now that I’ve had two toddlers, I can firmly state that this eighteen-month to two-year phase is definitely the era of the random object found in the random place.

I’m not sure why toddlers like to stash things around, but it must have some evolutionary survival roots.

My older child used to take the letter magnets from the fridge and shove them between the mattress and the box spring in our bedroom.

The second child seems to have a wider spectrum of both objects and locations.

Look what I found around my house:

  • Baby on laundry pile 1 of 7
    Baby on laundry pile
    Suffice it to say that this looks a little bit like a crime scene.
  • Chair on couch 2 of 7
    Chair on couch
    Backstory: Couch pillows were removed and chair was "uploaded." When I found it, the "uploader" was sitting in it. As soon as I grabbed the camera he got up.(Bummer, because it was cute.)
  • Cheese Stick or Key Stick 3 of 7
    Cheese Stick or Key Stick
    Did he think the cheese stick would blend in? The eighty-ninth key.
  • The sad milk phone 4 of 7
    The sad milk phone
    This is a reenactment of an actual event. Such was the fate of our nanny's iPhone when Fuzz dunked it in a glass of milk. FYI: iPhones don't work so well after a good dunking.
  • Plane under pillow 5 of 7
    Plane under pillow
    Last time I checked, my pillow was not an airport. Maybe that's why I have trouble sleeping?
  • Plane in a bowl (in a cabinet) 6 of 7
    Plane in a bowl (in a cabinet)
    Imagine you're looking for this thing for days and suddenly you want to grab a nesting bowl and this "Caravan on Floats" has made a nest in there.
  • Taxi in fridge 7 of 7
    Taxi in fridge
    Taxi omelette? Scrambled cab? Quiche de TLC? I'm having a hard time coming up with a joke, here, but you get the picture?

What has your toddler left around the house?

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