Lost Somewhere Between One and Two Naps

This is what NOT napping looks like.

Something strange has happened. In the past few weeks, I went from being a confident, organized mama to a flustered basket case who is at least fifteen minutes late for everything.  The reason? Nap confusion.

For the last few months, we’ve been in this sweet spot where Cullen was taking two very long, very predictable naps each day. We had a solid morning nap from around 8:30-10:30, followed by errands or play dates from 11-2 each day. From 2-4, we were back home for an afternoon nap, and I was able to catch up on work, start dinner, maybe even do something as luxurious as vacuum.

But recently, that has all changed. I think Cullen is in the midst of dropping from one nap to two, but he doesn’t seem to be able to do either consistently or predictably. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing!Cullen and I both tend to get pretty restless if we’re home all day. We like to make plans, meet friends, go to story times, and explore new playgrounds. But these days I feel sort of trapped in the house. I’m afraid to leave because I have no idea when he’s going to want to nap! I’m often frustrated that I’ll wait around all morning – expecting him to nap – and then by the time I’m ready to give up and head out, he starts rubbing his eyes. I keep looking for consistent signs or signals, but it really just feels like it’s all over the place.

I know that this is just a new phase of sleep for him, and one of those things I need to wait out as a mom. But it’s frustrating to feel so confused about our schedule right now, and I have a hard time making any sort of plans with friends, for fear that his nap will land right in the middle of our outing.

I know once we are through this it will juts be one more thing of the past. Just like I look back now and smile when I read what I was writing about baby sleep at four months old. I’m just ready to be on the other side sooner than later.

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