Magic Kingdom Rides: Toddlers Top 10!

In two short weeks my family will be headed to Florida to visit Disney World.

It’s technically my toddler’s second trip to the happiest place on earth, but since she was only 5 months old at the time I’m fairly confident that this trip will leave more of an impression on her.

I’m so excited to experience the magic right alongside her. I can’t wait to watch her eyes widen when she sees her favorite characters come to life. But I’ll be honest: planning a Disney vacation can easily get overwhelming.

Everyone has input and advice, and there is a ton of expert information to be found online. My favorite go-to resource for Walt Disney World planning is All Ears.Net, which has everything from when to go and where to stay to detailed information for special populations such as pregnant women and those with disabilities. Disney’s Planning Center is another great way to go; my favorite features there are the customized maps and Moms Panel.

Based on my own experiences navigating the Magic Kingdom with kids as well as help from the experts, I’ve rounded up my Magic Kingdom Rides: Toddlers Top 10 (and I should that these are purely my own opinions and that Disney has not sponsored this post).

Tomorrow, look for my second post in this series (because if anything deserves a series it’s a trip to Disney!),Magic Kingdom: Top 10 Toddler Tips.

See ya real soon!

  • Number 10: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 of 10
    I know what you're thinking...it's not a toddler ride. And while Pirates may be a little frightening for some toddlers, in my experience they love the little boats in this classic Disney attraction, plus it's a great way to escape the heat, too! If your toddler loves pirates as much as mine, this ride is not to be missed.
    Photo Credit Adam C Fink/Flickr
  • Number 9: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 2 of 10
    Your toddler will love riding in his own little honey pot to follow Pooh and the gang through the Hundred Acre Woods.
    Photo Credit The Best of WDW/Flickr
  • Number 8: Jungle Cruise 3 of 10
    This retro ride is great for little kids and big kids alike. Your toddlers will get a kick out of spotting exotic animals along the Amazon, Congo, Nile, and Mekong rivers.
    Photo Credit Best of WDW/Flickr
  • Number 7: Magic Carpets of Aladdin 4 of 10
    Toddlers love soaring through the air on a family-sized "magic carpet."
    Photo Credit Best of WDW/Flickr
  • Number 6: It’s a Small World 5 of 10
    It's a Small World is the ride I look forward to most when we're visiting Disney. Little ones love it too!
    Photo Credit Brian Marshall/Flickr
  • Number 5: Mad Tea Party 6 of 10
    The Mad Tea Party will give your kiddo the change to spin herself silly!
    Photo Credit Harsh Light/Flickr
  • Number 4: Tom Sawyer Island 7 of 10
    There are so many places on Tom Sawyer Island for your toddler to explore: caves, an abandoned mine, an old-fashioned fort and more! br>Photo Credit Bobby Prom/Flickr
  • Number 3: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin 8 of 10
    This bright and fast-moving ride is fun for the whole family, including your toddler (who'll love shooting that laser gun!).
    Photo Credit Best of WDW/Flickr
  • Number 2: Peter Pan’s Flight 9 of 10
    Ride on your own pirate ship and watch Peter Pan and friends do battle with Captain Hook!
    Photo Credit Best of WDW/Flickr
  • And the Winner Is, of Course, Dumbo! 10 of 10
    See all the sights of Fantasyland with your toddler as you take a ride on that famous flying elephant, Dumbo!
    Photo Credit CD Harrison/Flickr

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