Matzah, Peeps, Puppets and Pirate Patches: How My Toddler Celebrated the Holidays

This was the first year my three-year-old understood we were celebrating the holidays. Although, when I told Mazzy she was on vacation from school, she got all excited because she thought she was going to Florida. I talked to another mom from Mazzy’s preschool and she said her daughter thought she was going to Florida too. What the hell are they teaching them there??

Over the course of Mazzy’s TWO WEEKS OFF(!!!), we went to two Passover Seders, one Easter Egg Hunt (although the fantasy of an egg hunt is a little different than the reality) and spent a lot of quality time with Grammy.

Check out these photos of Mazzy celebrating the holidays.

  • The Passover Seder 1 of 11
    The Passover Seder
    We had the first Passover Seder with my husband's family. Mazzy was surprisingly respectful and sat still all through the telling of the story. In contrast to most children, Mazzy got up as soon as we started eating. But I guess that makes sense for a girl who has no interest in food. Least of all, food that doesn't involve bread.
  • The Afikoman 2 of 11
    The Afikoman
    The biggest moment of the Seder for Mazzy was when she found the Afikoman (with a little help from yours truly). Tradition says she must now strike a deal with with the leader of the Seder so they can get the matzah back. Mazzy settled for a hand-me-down stuffed animal. She should have held out for cash!
  • I don’t remember the Princess Plague… 3 of 11
    I don't remember the Princess Plague...
    The second night of Passover was at Grammy's house who had a myriad of toys at the ready to keep my daughter occupied at the table. At the Passover Seder, you are supposed to sit reclining like a king. One could argue the Princess Crown just takes that tradition one step farther.
  • The Ten Plagues Finger Puppets 4 of 11
    The Ten Plagues Finger Puppets
    If you'd like a reminder that Passover isn't nearly as kid-friendly as Easter, this is it. Lice, blood and even a 'slaying of the firstborn finger' puppet. Not exactly a basket full of choclate eggs and bunnies.
  • The Plague of Darkness 5 of 11
    The Plague of Darkness
    Someone else bought Mazzy the physical manifestations of the plagues, which resulted in Mazzy wearing an eye patch through most of dinner. The patch was supposed to represent 'darkness'. Of course, Mazzy just thought she was a pirate. I don't remember anybody giving me toys during Seder when I was a kid. We were just expected to listen!
  • Harlow was there too 6 of 11
    Harlow was there too
    Harlow celebrated Passover by eating her fist and being passed around the table like a hot potato.
  • Spending the night at Grammy’s 7 of 11
    Spending the night at Grammy's
    Mazzy asked to spend the night at Grammy's after the Seder which was like a true gift from God. My husband and I got to go home and remember what it was like to only have one kid.
  • Sch’meeps! 8 of 11
    Sch'meeps are my name for Matzah Smores made with Peeps. Nothing like a blending of holiday traditions.
  • Sch’meeps Skepticism 9 of 11
    Sch'meeps Skepticism
    I think my Jewish daughter knew they weren't kosher and regarded them suspiciously.
  • Matzah Brei 10 of 11
    Matzah Brei
    I've been married to my husband for five years and this year, I found out he makes killer Matzah Brei.
  • Easter Egg Hunt in NYC 11 of 11
    Easter Egg Hunt in NYC
    Even though we celebrate Passover we still went to an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. When Mazzy discovered all her eggs contained toys instead of candy, we hightailed it to Duane Reade so she could have a chocolate egg along with all that Matzah.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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