May the Fourth: Vivi’s Star Wars Birthday Party

I knew nothing about Star Wars day before Vivi. Even as well wishers congratulated me with “May the Fourth be with you!” I just figured I was friends with a lot of closet Star Wars nerds who were keen on puns. Turns out Star Wars day is totally a thing and my second baby has the privilege of sharing her birthday on the same day as a galaxy far, far, away fans celebrate the legendary films. (I’m team old school. All the way.) I was going to do something grand! and ambitious! for her second birthday when I realized the only reason I was even considering putting effort into was to blog about it, which is rarely the right reason to do anything. She’s two, she doesn’t even care if snot is running down her face, why would she care how much effort I put into her birthday?

Cody and I agreed there needed to be some effort, and the effort came as a little Star Wars birthday party in the form of five balloons, a cupcake, to candles and trip to the park. We have the pictures to prove it happened and none of us suffered the stress or anxiety of an actual birthday party. We’re really low key people when it comes to family time, and the day ended up being perfect. We all had fun, we all had cupcakes and three of the four of us had naps.

  • Star Wars Birthday! 1 of 12
    star wars celebration

    It doesn't take much to prove that a second birthday really happened.

  • Morning Marathon 2 of 12

    We began the day by meeting Cody at the finish line of the Indy Mini Marathon downtown.

  • The Big Balloon 3 of 12
    big balloon

    That giant $8 balloon up there? This is the only photo of it I got because the sneaky little sneak slipped it off her wrist and LET IT FLYYYYYY. So much for *that* photo opportunity.

  • Vivi’s Orange Balloon 4 of 12
    balloon 2

    Once she rid herself of the giant balloon, she was more than happy to carry her orange balloon around with her ALL DAY.

  • BFF4EVA 5 of 12
    balloon 1

    See what I mean? Vivi and orange balloon, BFF4EVA.

  • Lightsaber! 6 of 12
    light saber

    These were the only photos I could get of her with the lightsaber, she was too busy having epic battles with Cody and Addie for anything else.

  • The Park 7 of 12

    We went to the best park in Indy with a picnic and cupcakes in tow. She would have stayed all night had we let her.

  • Darth Vader Candle 8 of 12
    Vader Candle

    She didn't know what to do with the thing, so of course she tried to eat it.

  • The Big 2 9 of 12
    two candle

    This is her "OMG THEY'RE SINGING ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIGHT NOW!" face. It's my favorite.

  • Sisterly Assist 10 of 12

    She was afraid to blow out the candle after how much hollering we did at her to "DON'T TOUCH IT." So Addie stepped in to assist.

  • Poof! 11 of 12

    I'm pretty sure Addie was wishing for Vivi's cupcake.

  • Hooray! 12 of 12

    The adoration these to have for each other is easily the very best part of being their mom.

I will say a lot of the Star Wars merchandise was either sold out (Star Wars nerds needed their May the Fourth fix) or way too, realistic. Vivi didn’t need a balloon with a sith wielding a light saber to run with a theme, so we stuck with a Darth Vader candle, a couple of blow up lightsabers,  and a sweet shirt from Target (boys section!) Addie even suggested I give her Leia puffs, and one Star Wars fan praised me for finally giving a girl a lightsaber. (Ignore the fact that it’s red, a mark of the dark side, then again, if you saw the fit she threw over the balloons you may second guess her Jedi prowess.) The entire day cost me less than $30 for the balloons, cupcakes, ligthsabers, shirt and candles. Considering I spent more than that on just her first birthday cake she destroyed? I think I did pretty well.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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