Mom Boobs: Yep. I’m Going There.

Mom Boobs: Yep. I'm Going ThereI’m going to preface this post by saying that I think breastfeeding is amazing. It has been by far one of the most rewarding (albeit difficult) things I’ve ever done in my life. I even wrote a post about why post baby boobs were magical awhile back.

But, then I started cutting back on the nursing sessions and my “magic boobs” turned into “mom boobs” real quick. It’s like one second they were “up here” and the next they were deflated and sad and “down there.” Not cool, gravity. Not cool. I vaguely recall some readers pointing out my naivety when I wrote my magic boobs post, but I quickly brushed those thoughts aside.¬†“Saggy mom boobs will never happen to me!” I thought with a dash of smugness. Well, that’s what I get for being smug…even if I’m only being smug in my mind.

I’ve contemplated investing in one of those magical lifting bras to make up for my not-so-magical-anymore boobs, but since I’m still nursing, and not sure when I’ll be finished, my options were limited. But then I figured if I have to have mom boobs, I might as well put them in a cute nursing bra at least. Confession time (and you thought it couldn’t get any more TMI than it already had): I’d been wearing the same two nursing bras for over a year and let me tell you, they had definitely seen better days. Only one word can describe those bras and it is: sad.

So I decided it was time for something prettier to make me feel a little less sad about my mom boobs. Enter Leading Lady bras. They have a ton of cute non-nursing options for those of you who aren’t interested in the lock and load action, but for those of us who still need to be BFFs with our nursing bras, I thought I’d let you know about my favorite¬†nursing bra from their line.

I haven’t worn an underwire bra since the second trimester of pregnancy ever since I read horror stories about how they can cause clogged ducts. I know it’s not super likely, but clogged ducts just don’t sound pleasant, so I’m in the wire-free camp for now. I loved this black lacy wire-free number (here’s the underwire version of it). I lived for fancy lace bras before I had a baby, but the one time I tried to break out a lace bra for some business time awhile back it was bad news. Lace + nursing “equipment” = no bueno. (I won’t get more detailed than that, but just know it was a terrible, terrible idea.) That’s why this bra is great – cotton lined and infinitely more comfortable than my previous experience with lace. I also liked that it’s pretty and not frumpy, but not overly sexy. Call me a prude but something about super sexy nursing bras just seem a little weird to me.

Post new bra I feel like a new mama. Sure I may still have mom boobs, but at least they’re not wearing a busted bra anymore. The moral of the story? Pretty bras = self-esteem booster. The end.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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