Mom Tip: Tackling Toddler Fears Using Social Media

Tackling Toddler FearsDepending on your kid(s), being introduced to something new can be scary. Especially during the toddler-stage wherein pretty much every experience is a new one.

However, regardless of your little ones development and sense of independence – there are a few run-of-the-mill commonalities that most parents of toddlers expect their kids to be tentative, apprehensive or downright frightened of.

The Top 5 Toddler Fears (as I’ve experienced)
1. Fireworks
2. Water
3. Masks / Costumes
4. Doctors & Dentists
5. Strangers / Separation

How do I help my little ones manage their fear?
Why YouTube of course. No but seriously. Yes, talking to them and reassuring them are all fine and dandy. As are reading children’s books that tackle these fears. But there’s nothing quite like the visual gratification derived from viewing other children having these experiences, or the occurrence of these things in the environment that calms a little ones rapidly pacing brain.

We know it as zombification. The zombie eyes that are the result from a child watching TV. Why are they so connected? Because their little neurons are soaking up every inch of what they are viewing at lightening speed. Which is why qualitative programming is so important to most parents.

So go ahead and scoff if you want, but this works. When my guy was vehemently against any and all signs of fireworks – I sat him down for a cuddle and a little viewing of some brilliant firework shows on YouTube. Every night for about a week during what we call ‘firework season’, otherwise known as one’s moronic neighbours who feel the need to set-off fireworks as soon as they’ve been into their cups on a long weekend and continue to do so, (i.e. drink their face off all afternoon and night whilst lighting weak-ass firework ‘displays’. I mean, they do understand that they don’t have an effect during daylight hours, right?)

When Abby was having separation anxiety at daycare drop-off time – we kept watching this little vid with her. That and lots of support, cuddles and patience; worked like a charm.

When Wyndham started getting social anxiety about taking part in his weekly soccer games, I put together a little montage of videos of toddlers playing soccer and some soccer celebrities scoring wicked goals. He loves that action – asks to watch it all the time. Pretty sure it had (and continues to have), a positive effect on him.

You get the idea, yea? You can search just about any theme or topic on YouTube and garner some results. Give it a try!


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