Mommy Needs a Good Sympathetic Laugh

Do these ring true for you?

Someecards have been popping up all over the internet — especially if you are a Pinterest junkie like I just so happen to be.

There are also days when friends of mine find it completely acceptable to find the most hysterical yet fitting bad mom ecard and post it on my facebook wall. They are always good for a good laugh.

Something we are all in need of once and a while right?

The best part about the website is you can actually go on there and pick your own photo and type in a phrase to send to your friends.  Completely genius if you ask me!

Of course you should probably take most of the cards with a grain of salt… sure some days we may be serious about this but if you don’t have a sense of humor these probably aren’t for you!

  • Crazy Mommy! 1 of 20
    Crazy Mommy!
    This one probably rings true with toddlers dozens of times a day.
    At least in my house.
    I think I give the kids about 10 times of saying the same thing before I elevate my voice, or yell.
    How long do you give your toddlers?
  • Broken Glass 2 of 20
    Broken Glass
    I couldn't help but laugh!
    As the kids get older this kind of rings true... to an extent of course!
  • Friends Having Babies 3 of 20
    Friends Having Babies
    Are your friends having babies...
    On purpose?
  • Next Stop Jerry Springer? 4 of 20
    Next Stop Jerry Springer?
    This is destiny for our kids!
    Our extended family is just a littttttttle crazy!
  • Sleeping Toddlers 5 of 20
    Sleeping Toddlers
    When it gets quiet...
    And I know for a fact all the kids are sleeping, it has to be one of the most relaxing times of the day.
    It would be even better if I could go to sleep then too!
  • Minus the Kids! 6 of 20
    Minus the Kids!
    I had to laugh at this one.
    No kids... no chores... nothing... just pure freedom.
    Wouldn't it be nice?
  • Shower or Sanity? 7 of 20
    Shower or Sanity?
    I had to laugh hysterically at this one because people are always giving me crap when I complain about the lack of showers I typically get.
    I guess I am not the only mother out there who would love to shower more than three times a week!
  • What is Missing Now? 8 of 20
    What is Missing Now?
    Last night I walked around my back yard, with a flash light for 45 minutes looking for my toddlers blanket!
    Yup... everyone else's missing crap!
  • Homeless Kids! 9 of 20
    Homeless Kids!
    As soon as we get home my toddler thinks it is acceptable to strip down to the most unacceptable outfit ever.
    Or lack there of!
    Because of course toddlers automatically assume we have no place else to go for the day!
  • They Take a Lickin’ But Keep on Tickin’ 10 of 20
    They Take a Lickin' But Keep on Tickin'
    WHERE?!?! Do they get....
    ALLLLLLLLLL of that DAMN ENERGY?!?!??!
    I swear they all steal it from us as we sleep!
    Who is with me?
  • Potty Time! 11 of 20
    Potty Time!
    Because as adults we will never go to the bathroom alone if there is a toddler around!
  • Road Rage! 12 of 20
    Road Rage!
    I had wondered where my toddler picked up a choice word...
    Till I realized it was something I frequently used in the car!
    Time for a vocab change!
  • Babysitter… 13 of 20
    I am still looking for this babysitter!
    Sometimes we all just need a break with a couple drinks included!
  • What Is That? 14 of 20
    What Is That?
    Every find something sticky and do the sniff lick?
    Yeah that is the story of most of the stuff my toddler comes in contact with!
  • Sharing the Bathroom 15 of 20
    Sharing the Bathroom
    Another one on sharing the bathroom.
  • Pinterest Fail! 16 of 20
    Pinterest Fail!
    I think we all feel like sub-par mothers after finding pinterest.
    All those dinners we can never make, or craft projects that are out of reach!
  • Burn that Bra! 17 of 20
    Burn that Bra!
    Another benefit of working at home as well!
    Down with bras!
  • Angry Birds 18 of 20
    Angry Birds
    I wonder when my Angry Birds obsessed toddler is going to figure this one out!
  • Big Butt 19 of 20
    Big Butt
    Mommy... what happened to your butt?
    It has lines on it!
    Ugh... thanks for pointing out my stretch marks... CAUSED BY YOU!
  • Diaper Time 20 of 20
    Diaper Time
    Diapers suck!
    Especially when they are dirty and on a toddler!

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