10 Mommy Splurges Worth The Spoils

mommy splurgesGone are the days of being a D.I.N.K. (double income no kids).  Now a days, money is stretched amongst running a house with 6 people. It’s amazing how much food 4 kids can consume, and it amazes me even more how one trip to the grocery store, no matter how much I plan, just is never enough. And even if we had more money, there is the time factor. Kids take time. Changing diapers, making meals, laundry, doctor appointments, play dates, school and that’s not taking into consideration that both my husband and myself work.

Every once in a blue moon — I splurge on me. There has been more than one Saturday in the last year that I have waived my white flag, yelled “I NEED OUT OF HERE, ALONE!” and assigned the kids to the hubs for a few hours out. Oh the glorious time alone. Here is what I splurge on….

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  • Blow Out 1 of 10
    Blow Out
    I am obsessed with the Dry Bar. If money allowed, I would be here daily (or with my fab hairdresser!). Alas, we are simple folk and only do blow outs for sanity breaks.
  • Car Wash 2 of 10
    Car Wash
    We have this fabulous car wash place that will clean inside and out for $12. I try to hit this place up at least once a month. If you saw my car, you would totally understand why I need this monthly.
  • Cupcakes 3 of 10
    Oh Dimples Cupcakes. I am so glad I don't live too close to this place. I allow myself these a few times a year, but these things are DANGEROUS.
  • Pedicures 4 of 10
    I use to be a pedicure-a-holic. I have since cured that by 1. having 4 kids 2. not having any free alone time.
  • GNO! 5 of 10
    Girls Night Out happens no where near enough. Sometimes it's GLO (girl's lunch out). Sometimes it's LMAKIAOTP (leave me along kids, I am on the phone). I just need my friends. My girls are my THERAPY.
    Why yes, we are putting a Bump-it in Leslie's hair in the middle of a restaurant.
  • Adult Drinks 6 of 10
    Adult Drinks
    I am not a heavy drinker, but occasionally this mom needs something more than a Diet Coke. This is an Peppermint adult milkshake. Yes, it is quite AMAZING.
  • Annual Get-Away 7 of 10
    Annual Get-Away
    I use to travel for work all the time. While I so am thankful that I no longer have to deal with that - I do need to get away from the family and escape it all. Typically this is at a blog conference. Perk - it's a write off.
  • Starbucks 8 of 10
    Again, this was a regular splurge back in the day. Now adays, it's my go-to when I am dragging and need a pick-me-up.
  • Concerts 9 of 10
    What a great show this was (Seryn!). I absolutely love music. Sitting back and being my wallflower self helps me escape kid chaos.
  • Movie ALONE 10 of 10
    Movie ALONE
    Watching movies alone never appealed to me. That was until my husband totally did not care to see some chick flick so I went alone. I now don't care to ever see a movie with him again (love you hubs, but seriously I love being alone!).

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