Mommy’s Pre-School Separation Anxiety

Time for School?

Yeah, that clown is getting ready to head to school!   Starting sometime in the middle of the first full week of September my first born child will be going to school.  I think this is some kind of rite of passage in parenthood right?

The birthday parties, and other milestones really didn’t hold a candle to this. It is just different than all the other accomplishments that showed me my baby boy was growing up.

But I think that I am going to be going through a huge patch of separation anxiety. I mean I have been so used to having him at home with me for the past almost four years, every day… with a few exceptions that my whole routine is going to change and probably send me right into a complete tailspin.

And I am know I am not the only mother out there who has gone through this before, so I need the support of the other moms who were right in my position at one point in time to offer some words of advice!

I think my biggest worries are about how he is going to handle the time away.  It may only be 4 hours, three days a week, but that is a whole 12 hours a week that he isn’t going to be home in our typical routine.  As bad as it sounds, some of my biggest worries are simple little things like… are they going to help him wipe if he has to go poop?   Are the lunches I pack him going to be suitable?  Is he going to get picked on by the other kids?  Is he going to make friends?

I know it sounds like of silly, but those are big worries for Moms!  Especially the worry wort I am!

What were your worries for your little ones as they headed to school?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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