Moms Uniting Over Constipation – It Happens…

constipation united momsTonight I needed to run to Target to pick up 2 things. Of course the typical 2 things led to a basket full of items because I was at Target, and leaving without a basket full of crap goodies never seems to be an option.

In the check-out line, I noticed that the lady behind me was carrying the most beautiful little girl. She had a head full of black hair and looked to be around Zeke’s age. We struck up a conversation about toddlers, and then before I the cashier could say press the yes button, the little girl’s mom started talking about poop. (Thankfully her daughter’s poop, not her own.) Her daughter was constipated and she was at a loss. By this point, there were now 2 other ladies in line behind us.

I gave her a few suggestions and then the whole Target line started to chime in, even the cashier! Nothing like a random discussion in the Target line that involves 4 people talking about a little girl’s bowel movements. The conversation lasted about 5 minutes before the lady’s husband came looking for her. He had been waiting in the car. It was actually hilarious and, thinking back on it, I realize that as awkward of a conversation as it was moms just can click just like that

All 4 of us were different ages and races.  Our kids were different ages too, but we all had thing that MOM THING in common.

Before the mom with the constipated daughter left the store, she thanked all of us and said she felt relieved to know that she had someone to talk to.

Next time you have a kid issue and you don’t know what to do about, just ask another mom. Even if it’s weird, moms get it. The definition of “weird” for us moms means people who can keep clean houses and know what it’s like to sleep a full night. (What’s that about?!)

Do you feel comfortable talking to other moms about your kid’s issues?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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