Mom’s Weekend Away!

This past weekend, I traveled to San Diego, California to help one of my oldest friends celebrate her new marriage. I woke up when I wanted to, enjoyed leisurely, long breakfasts al fresco, pampered myself with a pedicure, hiked on my own pace and schedule, and smiled every time I got a text from back home detailing the adventures of Cullen and his dad.

It was only my second time away from Cullen (ever!), and I didn’t know how badly I needed the break until I got it. My husband was traveling for work during the week leading up to my trip, meaning I was even more exhausted than normal. I’m also 27 weeks pregnant, which means this was likely my last solo trip away for a long, long time.

I was amazed at how much my best friend and I were able to do in just about 48 hours! Here is a peek at what we were up to, along with what the boys were getting into back home…

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    mom's weekend

    Click though to read about some of my San Diego adventures, as well as what the boys were doing in Seattle!

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    Casey took Cullen all over Seattle this weekend on a totally new-to-him form of transportation—the city bus! Casey rides the bus every day to work, so he's very familiar and comfortable with the stops and system, and Cullen yells, "Dada, bus!" every time he sees one. Apparently he had a blast and shouted, "More bus!" every time it slowed to a stop.

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    After a bus ride down to the Seattle Center, Cullen and Casey checked out the Space Needle. We've lived here over two years now, and still haven't been to the top. I guess they were going to pay a visit, but found that the wait was over 90 minutes. Next time!

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    While the boys played at home, we explored La Jolla and stopped for some much needed pedicures. I spent a blissful hour being pampered, massaged, and painted, and left feeling relaxed and excited for evening wedding festivities!

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    Of all the things I did this weekend, I think my favorite parts were all of our meals out. We somehow managed to eat every single meal outdoors, and we just enjoyed great food and conversation at our leisure. We take Cullen out to eat a lot in Seattle, but there is something much different about dining sans children, and being able to truly focus on the experience.

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    It sounds like Cullen and Casey did plenty of dining out while I was away too. They went out to dinner every night that I was gone—living it up! Looks like Cullen had a good time digging into some local pizza. Why do we never get that when mom is around??

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    Even though I did miss my boys back home, I really enjoyed being able to be out all afternoon with no schedule, no agenda, and no one yelling from a stroller that it was time to retreat. My friend and I walked for hours, enjoyed the sunshine and views of the La Jolla coast crawling with sea lions. It was incredible!

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    This picture was texted to me along with the caption, "Raniers make him dance." Apparently Cullen got his groove on while eating a giant bowl of fresh cherries from the local farmers market. What a goof.

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    Our final afternoon in San Diego was spent at Coronado Beach, soaking up sand and sun, and a few final hours of each other's company before we headed back to the airport. I saw the other kids splashing in the waves and digging in the sand, and I admit I missed my little guy. But I also know that a chance to just relax on a beach towel is very fleeting at this point in my life, so I enjoyed it knowing I'd be home for some toddler snuggles soon enough.

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