Montessori At Home: 7 More Amazing DIY Activities

Last month I shared 10 pretty nifty Montessori Inspired DIY Activities for your toddler. I promised to share the rest of my favourite finds.

I’ve been kind of nutters about all that is Montessori since my own discovery and research into the educational pedagogy as a daycare. Many of my thoughts have turned toward making some changes at home in their nursery and playroom environments too!

Without further ado…



7 More Amazing Montessori Inspired Activities: (DIY At Home)

  • Practical Life: Threading 1 of 7
    Practical Life: Threading
    The purpose of practical life activities are pretty straightforward. Exercises that the child can do, so that they may learn how to do everyday life things independently. Threading in particular facilitates coordination in movement with a focus on hand and eye coordination/manipulation. Otherwise known as control of movement. Beading is also a good activity for this.
    Photo credit via: My Montessori Moments
  • Observation Tray 2 of 7
    Observation Tray
    Fruit and vegetable sorting make for great observation trays, using things you already have in the fridge, saucers and - yep - you guessed it - a tray. The only things you may have to get for this activity is the magnifying glass. Which, by the way...are like toddler crack. At least for mine. Give him a magnifying glass before we go on a nature walk and life is grand.
    This and more ideas found via Modern Parents, Messy Kids
  • Clothes Pin Words 3 of 7
    Clothes Pin Words
    This activity makes easy practice out of making words by way of matching. Great for introductory letter recognition and a little toddler ego boost!
    Instructions can be found over on Imperfect Homemaking
  • Button Snake 4 of 7
    Button Snake
    This DIY is as quick and easy as it gets and makes for a great travel activity that you can stash easily.
    Instructions can be found on Counting Coconuts
  • DIY Dressing Frames & Alternatives 5 of 7
    DIY Dressing Frames & Alternatives
    Love this idea. Dressing frames can be expensive unles you've been lucky or stealth enough to catch an online sale.
    This how-to and more can be found over on Living Montessori Now
  • DIY Montessori Materials 6 of 7
    DIY Montessori Materials
    If you're really into learning play-time, then you've hit the jack-pot with this one. It's an excellent resource to get you started, simply and effectively without spending much, if anything at all.
    Photo Credit and DIY roundup via Living Montessori Now
  • The Mother-load of Free Montessori Printables 7 of 7
    The Mother-load of Free Montessori Printables
    I know, right? All of them free, all of them awesome.
    Hook it all up courtesy Counting Coconuts

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