Morning Routine

It’s 6:20am and I hear a patter of feet softly across the carpet and big blue eyes are level with my own sleepy ones where my head still lays on a pillow.  I smile slowly and he grins back and rubs his eyes.  “Hi, Momma!” he whipsers.  “Hi buddy,” I whisper back.  He grabs the sheet in tiny fists and uses the frame to hoist himself up onto the bed and settles between me and my husband.

“Watch dump truck?” he asks as he kicks me in the hips and my husband does his not-quite-awake growl.  (I swear, I married a bear!)

I pull out the iPad and tap the Netflix app and pull up a list of truck-type options.  I know that while he asks to see a “dump truck,” that could mean anything from farm equipment to semi-trucks and it all just depends on his mood that morning.  This morning he gives a small smile as he taps the “Chuck the Truck” icon and I can tell he is pleased that he knows how to use the iPad.  It makes him feel big and I can’t help it, but I lean over and sniff his curls, which still smell like lavender shampoo.

He snuggles under the blankets and I shut my eyes once more – it’s still a little early to get going and it’s like he’s become my human snooze button.

Doug gets up a few moments later and kisses us goodbye for the day and he winks as he walks out the door and my heart pitter-patters because when the sun is rising, everything about my little family feels like love and perfection.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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