Moving On Up: He’s Climbing the Couch

Up, up and away!
Up, up and away!

I know for moms with older toddlers, you will probably read this and think things like who cares, or oh honey, that’s nothing. But you know how it is – try to remember. When you’re new at this, every new development and milestone (if you can call this that) feels like a big deal. I remember obsessing over the tiniest things when Cullen was 6, 7, 8 months old. Now I look back and wonder why I those were such a big deal. So even though I know this will feel like nothing in a few months, it feels big right now.

I looked over a few days ago and Cullen was sitting on the couch. How he got there was a mystery to me, but my heart skipped a beat when I pictured him falling off and conking his head on the wooden coffee table. A few hours later, I caught him in action. Throwing his leg up and over, pulling and grasping with those little muscles, and eventually wiggling his way up onto the seat. What was even more exciting was what came next. I watched him turn over onto his belly and slither back down – safely!

He’s 16 months old today, and I’ve noticed big changes this month in his spatial awareness. He’s handling the steps like a champ, scaling the climbing gym at the playground with ease, and now, getting on and off the couch like a true toddler. He seems to finally understand that he can fall off of things, and uses caution around steps and edges – a big relief to his parents!

Up until now, he’s been very mobile and active, but not much of a climber. I’ve been wanting to get him a little table and chair set, and it sounds like now might be the right time. My biggest fear — what comes next? Please don’t say it’s climbing out of the crib. We are definitely not ready for that!

Check him out in action…

  • Here we go 1 of 6
    Here we go
    Once he figured out how to swing his leg up onto the couch, it was all downhill (uphill?) from there.
  • A dramatic pause 2 of 6
    A dramatic pause
    After the first attempt didn't work, he turned around and flung his head backward onto the couch. Aren't girls supposed to be the dramatic ones?
  • If at first you don’t succeed… 3 of 6
    If at first you don't succeed...
    Another boost looking a bit more successful this time.
  • Try, try again 4 of 6
    Try, try again
    Those little arms are working so hard to pull his body up!
  • Victory! 5 of 6
    He is UP, and looking a little shocked that he made it up there.
  • A round of applause 6 of 6
    A round of applause
    So proud of himself! And mama is even more proud because he knows to get down safely on his belly. Such a cutie!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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