Mullets, Mohawks …. and More Toddler Hair Fails


Every parent has been there — holding down a screaming child while someone, hopefully a professional, tries to cut his or her hair — and it’s truly a bad experience for all involved. As a mother of three, I understand that when it comes to your little ones’ manes, sometimes you just get what you can (or you just shave it all off so you don’t have to deal with another haircut for many many months). But some parents purposely give their tots bad haircuts. (I just want to know how they got the kid to sit for that long!)

From mullets to mohawks, here are some of the worst toddler cuts … should these parents be locked up by the fashion police? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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  • The Mini Mullet 1 of 10
    The Mini Mullet
    Poor kid! Who would give their toddler a mullet (also known as: The Hockey Hair Cut, The Achy-Breaky Bad Mistakey, Business in the front... party in the back)? This isn't 1989!
    Photo courtesy of Mullet Junky
  • The Mullet 2.0 2 of 10
    The Mullet 2.0
    Is it a rat tail? Is it a mullet? Let me tell you when I was in elementary school back in the early 90's those were the style ... today, not so much. More like child abuse!
    Photo courtesy of Mullet Junky
  • The Part Hair Cut, Part Billboard 3 of 10
    The Part Hair Cut, Part Billboard
    Do your kids a favor and keep the stupid specialty shaved hairstyle on your own head. It's a child, not a billboard!
    From World's Worst Haircuts
  • The Multi-Style 4 of 10
    The Multi-Style
    Take a half dozen bad hairstyles and mix them all into one (and consider yourself a grade-A parent)!
    Photo courtesy of Moxie Bird
  • The Bowl Cut 5 of 10
    The Bowl Cut
    Just because you can do it at home, doesn't mean you should do it at all. And be honest, you didn't like it when your parents did it to you. Break the bowl-cut cycle!
    From Guyism
  • The 30-Year-Old Business Man 6 of 10
    The 30-Year-Old Business Man
    Unless your son is Alex Keaton, he probably would prefer a hairstyle closer to what all the other normal boys have. Save the Wall Street look for his thirties.
    Photo courtesy of Guyism
  • The Self Hair Cut 7 of 10
    The Self Hair Cut
    I remember this one time when my nephew was really little and found scissors ... and cut his own hair. There are clearly many reasons to keep scissors and electric razors away from kids!
    The Self Haircut from FeedMink
  • The Punk Rocker 8 of 10
    The Punk Rocker
    Should your three-year-old really look like a pissed off 14-year-old? There's plenty of time for him to be a teen — enjoy his sweet baby years while they last.
    Kingston Rossdale
  • The Mini Rat Tail 9 of 10
    The Mini Rat Tail
    This actually used to be a coveted style ... in the 90s. Today, not so much. Even his dad considered it a hair emergency.
    Photo courtesy of A Home Slice
  • The Pebbles 10 of 10
    The Pebbles
    Maybe it's just my personal pet peeve, but girls shouldn't wear their hair sticking straight up. While this little girl looks adorable, you'd imagine how that hair could cause quite a headache.
    Photo courtesy of From Hairstyles for the Girls

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