My 10 Favorite Toddler Internet Personalities and Memes [PHOTOS]

It’s true. Toddlers, much like adults, are getting their game on within the World Wide Web. And I’m a fan. Clearly, as the mother to two little ankle biters myself, it doesn’t take much to amuse me anymore.

After all, how much can you expect from me? A grown adult who makes up songs about poo, pee and broccoli?

Now, we all know that it’s the parents (and even a couple of non-parents!) who are truly running these social media accounts on behalf of their toddlers. All in the name of good fun, creativity and humor — at times even solace. We like that kind of action. Most of us, I think, anyways. We need good chuckles, sarcasm and satire, just like the rest of y’all.

I’ve selected some of my most favorite toddler memes and toddler-related posts on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. There’s even a Toddler Council founded with the sole purpose of advocating on behalf of toddlers and their itchy bums, everywhere. If you, like me, often find questionable things dredged through your hair, boogers handed to you like they were gold dollars and screaming that only seems to happen directly in your ear, then join me my fellow warriors. We’re the ones who, no matter what, seem to be forever smitten and even inspired by the enigmatic, questionably “appropriate” wildest thing(s) of the universe: The Toddler.

Some of them probably have more Twitter followers than you, and what they have to say seems to be infinitely more clever and funny. It’s okay. We all know who is behind the curtain. Some of them are written for us, by us, under no guise whatsoever. I’m all about living in a fantasy world of make-believe for the most part anyways. It’s kind of my daily mantra along with teaching my kids to be less evil than I am. Which one is your favorite? (It’s okay if you follow one of these accounts, “everyone” else is doing it!)

  • Toddler’s Rules of Possession 1 of 10

    LOVE this one, because it's absolutely true and oh so clever. And lucky us! We get to teach them that they can't get away with this sort of thing much farther past toddlerhood.

    Photo credit: Parentdish

  • Preach 2 of 10

    I'm on the fence about this one. I get that it's the right thing to do, but I've never been one to cater to my toddler's every whim and fancy, no matter what the Internets think of my parenting style.

    Photo credit: Parentdish

  • Truth 3 of 10

    Ain't no wrath quite like the ominous silence that living with a toddler brings. AMIRITE? Unless of course your toddler is perfect and never whines or melts down and always does what you say and plays nice and quietly all of the time. Then such silences as described above are totally expected. Whose living in a fantasy world now? (Also, quit crushing your child's soul.)

    Photo credit: Parentdish

  • Honest Toddler and Friends 4 of 10

    To the parents behind these accounts, congratulations on making the best of it and making life much more amusing for the rest of us. The "Honest Toddler" twitter account grew so popular in fact, that there's a blog and a book deal in the works.

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  • Evil Toddler Meme 5 of 10

    It's my responsibility as a fellow parent of toddlers to introduce you guys to stuff like this, just in case you haven't come across it already. It was hard to choose a favorite from all of the hilarious Evil Toddler Memes. This one is true and funny. You know, in retrospect. Like way after it happens. Wallets and phones are quite popular toilet bowl buddies, aren't they?

    Check out HuffPo's for 12 more of their favourite Evil Toddler Memes!

  • The Toddler Stink-Eye 6 of 10

    So it's not just my toddler daughter? Somehow this makes me feel better. In fact, there should be a contest of some sort right? Except the stink-eye-giving toddler winner doesn't get anything, the parent does. Like a life subscription to the New Yorker and a big fat gift certificate to the liquor store. Or David's Tea/Teavanna. Whatever.

    Photo credit: Parentdish

  • Now You Know 7 of 10

    Parents, you've been warned. Watch your backs. They're organized, resourceful and have no shame. Not one smidge. Don't be fooled by their charm, their love of Cailou is a strong hint of what's to come if you cross the Toddler Council.

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  • My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler 8 of 10

    I love that the woman who runs this Pinterest account isn't even a parent and that she named her "daughter" Quinoa. The captions are pure genius and guaranteed to make you smile, especially if you love you some snarking-of-the-toddlers-dressed-like-hipsters-action.

    Check out My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler on Pinterest!

  • Mayhem Is The Queen of The Internets 9 of 10
    Toddlers of The Internet

    This little girl and her paper dresses (yes! They are all made of paper!) is a dream. Obviously her mom helps her create them and runs the Instagram account. The amount of time and creativity they pump into each dress is absolutely brilliant, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't inspired more than a little bit by their ongoing spectacle making.

    Follow Mayhem and her mama on Instagram!

  • Toddler Brain 10 of 10
    Toddler Brain

    Shockingly, they aren't zombies after all. You too can print off this handy-dandy chart if you're new to parenting a toddler. This is exactly what you can expect. There's even a diagram of a mom's brain (a mom of a toddler that is.) Yet even more truth there.

    Photo credit: Sipping Lemonade



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