My 25 Favorite Outfits From the 7 Days of Style Instagram Challenge

Remember the 7 Days of Style Challenge (#7daysofstyle) I hosted last week over on Instagram?

Well, it’s over now, but it was so much fun seeing all of the creative clothing combinations you all put together for your little ones! And now that it’s over, I’ve compiled a slideshow of some of my favorite outfits from the week, though it was so hard to narrow down my list – all of the littles were adorable.

But, alas I had to choose… and now you can check out my favorites below!

  • My 25 Favorite Outfits From the 7 Days of Style Instagram Challenge 1 of 26
    I loved seeing all of your little one's in adorable outfits this past week for the #7daysofstyle challenge - now click through to see some of my absolute favorite outfits from the challenge. It was so hard to choose!
  • @natalierwg >>> Gigi 2 of 26
    I love how Natalie used layers to add interest to little Gigi's outfit. So cute!
    Follow her on Instagram @natalierwg
  • @acurtisjones >>> Ella 3 of 26
    I love the way Annie styles her little Ella! This outfit was my favorite of hers, but it was a tough call. You should definitely also check out her other outfits from the challenge over at her IG feed - I had a hard time narrowing it down!
    Follow her on Instagram @danniremender
  • @jennibost >>> X 4 of 26
    Doesn't Jenni's little boy look like such a miniature man?!
    Follow her on Instagram @jennibost
  • @kelseywilliams >>> Rooney 5 of 26
    Little Rooney looks so prim sitting nicely on her pint sized chair in this adorable ensemble.
    Follow her on Instagram @kelseywilliams
  • @nickledyke >>> Eva 6 of 26
    Little Eva is a mini Jackie O. if ever I saw one. Love this!
    Follow her on Instagram @nickledyke
  • @madebymonica >>> Cohen 7 of 26
    Monica dresses her little guy Cohen in the cutest outfits always, but I loved seeing the extra creative combos she put together for this challenge. I adore this one.
    Follow her on Instagram @madebymonica
  • @arlenedanielle_ >>> Nailea 8 of 26
    Nailea is already quite the fashion icon in her own rite, so it's no wonder that this mini model made it into the my favorites. Her mama always adds the cutest accessories to finish off her outfits.
    Follow her on Instagram @arlenedanielle_
  • @lepetitreve >>> Abby 9 of 26
    Abby girl wearing a Mexican poncho and those tights? It's almost more cuteness than I can handle!
    Follow her on Instagram @lepetitreve
  • @emop >>> Zoë 10 of 26
    Zoë would be adorable even if we were just basing it on her personality alone, but in her adorable outfits it just gets even better.
    Follow her on Instagram @emop
  • @moonsandjunes >>> Huck 11 of 26
    Huck is the epitome of a Portland baby. Suspenders + stripes + cons + beanie = too perfect.
    Follow her on Instagram @moonsandjunes
  • @child_hoods >>> Avery 12 of 26
    Avery is one lucky girl, because her mama is a clothing designer and the dress in this outfit was made just for her! I love the way she pieced this outfit together.
    Follow her on Instagram @child_hoods
  • @kajalbykimberly >>> Priya 13 of 26
    I love how Kimberly gave Priya's sweet outfit a funkier spin by adding in this hat and little black Converse shoes.
    Follow her on Instagram @kajalbykimberly
  • @ruthie_mn >>> Mia 14 of 26
    Floral overalls and stripes are perfect on little Miss Mia.
    Follow her on Instagram @ruthie_mn
  • @sarahcnelson >>> Greyer 15 of 26
    Greyer is one of the hippest baby boy's I know and I loved seeing all of his mama Sarah's wardrobe combinations for this challenge, but this was my favorite.
    Follow her on Instagram @sarahcnelson
  • @janine_gelsinger >>> Vivienne 16 of 26
    Vivienne is working pattern mixing like only a little one can and I love it!
    Follow her on Instagram @janine_gelsinger
  • @graciecatmeow >>> Savannah 17 of 26
    I love the subtle mix of patterns here. It just goes to show that even something simple like socks can be an accessory.
    Follow her on Instagram @graciecatmeow
  • @j_schagen13 >>> Lane 18 of 26
    This is the perfect layered look for winter and Lane is rocking it out.
    Follow her on Instagram @j_schagen13
  • @sajackson >>> Brenner 19 of 26

    Follow her on Instagram @sajackson
  • @emmaashby >>> Holland 20 of 26
    The adorable Miss Holland makes me want to have another tiny baby to dress - her #7daysofstyle outfits were definitely some of my favorites.
    Follow her on Instagram @emmaashby
  • @kitwisdom >>> Freya 21 of 26
    I'm a sucker for a baby in a scarf and don't even get me started on those little knee patches!
    Follow her on Instagram @kitwisdom
  • @khali_bss >>> Bandit 22 of 26
    Bandit shows off how even the smallest embellished details can make all the difference in taking an outfit from drab to fun.
    Follow her on Instagram @khali_bss
  • @theredkitchenkatie >>> Olivia 23 of 26
    Olivia shows off her lovely braided crown here - an important reminder that sometimes hair is the best accessory.
    Follow her on Instagram @theredkitchenkatie
  • @thegraygang >>> Odessa 24 of 26
    Odessa's outfit has so much spunk and personality, I just couldn't NOT include it in my round-up.
    Follow her on Instagram @thegraygang
  • @karen020210 >>> Sophia 25 of 26
    Babies in hats get me every time. Bonus points if the baby is tiny and adorable like Sophia.
    Follow her on Instagram @karen020210
  • @marly_fonseca >>> Natalia 26 of 26
    I love that Natalia's outfit is perfect for play time, but still packs plenty of stylish flair.
    Follow her on Instagram @marly_fonseca
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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