My Biggest Rookie Diaper Changing Mistake

Back when my daughter was a newborn, changing her diaper was more of a novelty than a chore.

It was a bonding moment— one where she stared up at me while making tiny little movements with her hands and legs as I gently explained what we were doing.

“First I am going to unsnap your onesie… then I am going to remove your diaper… ”

Once I got the hang of it, I felt almost proud of my increasing agility with those little flip tabs.

I was a diaper changing natural!

(New moms can be so naive, can’t they?)Soon after the baby was born, we repurposed a dresser as a changing table and put one of those foam contoured changing pads on top.

There were two straps on the bottom of the pad that looked like they were meant to attach the pad to the dresser but since we had come up with the ingenious idea of putting a rubber mat underneath so the pad wouldn’t slip and felt no need to attach the pad officially, I cut those stupid straps off.

Flash forward six months.

Not only had my daughter developed an extreme hatred of being changed, she had also developed ridiculous back muscles so that when I picked up her feet, she’d arch her back in the air and spin herself towards the wall so that literally only the top of her head was still touching the table.

I would stand there dumbfounded with my daughter’s bum in my face as her body writhed about and I did my best to keep a firm grasp on her legs. Otherwise, she would surely catapult herself across the room.

How could anyone possibly get a diaper on a child this acrobatic?

If only there was something attached to the foam changing pad that could strap her down!!!

What? Oh… right.

That’s what those straps were for.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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