My Current Etsy Obsession: Modern Toddler Silhouettes

Growing up, I loved exploring the houses of my elderly relatives and neighbors. The dusty antiques. The ancient board games. The smell of coffee intermingling with mothballs and Vick’s VapoRub.

Ahh, the memories.

One thing I remember clearly in several of these homes were old fashioned children’s silhouettes on the walls. There’s something so classic about the lines of a child’s face frozen in time, when the cheeks are still chubby and the hair is baby-fine.

The silhouette trend seemed to have skipped my parents’ generation for the most part, but luckily it’s enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. As with so many parenting trends- classic baby names, and vintage-inspired clothing and nurseries, what’s old is new again.

Here are twelve examples of toddler silhouettes I’m absolutely gaga over. Which is your favorite?

  • A Moment Captured 1 of 12
    A Moment Captured
    I love the idea of taking a photograph and having it made into a custom silhouette suitable for any wall in the home.
    Photo Credit: Happy Thought/Etsy
  • A Modern Twist 2 of 12
    A Modern Twist
    These oversized, custom prints bring a modern edge to a classic keepsake.
    Photo Credit: 2FriendsStuff/Etsy
  • Locket Love 3 of 12
    Locket Love
    A photo is transformed into a wonderful silhouette locket that any mother would treasure.
    Photo Credit: Jage in a Cage/Etsy
  • Precious Print 4 of 12
    Precious Print
    I love this pair of brothers represented in silhouette form.
    Photo Credit: Le Papier Studio/Etsy
  • Wall Art 5 of 12
    Wall Art
    This vinyl silhouette would be a great addition to a playroom or nursery.
    Photo Credit: Vinyl Wall Accents/Etsy
  • Pretty Polka Dots 6 of 12
    Pretty Polka Dots
    What toddler wouldn't love to eat her chicken nuggets from this lovely custom plate? I know mine would!
    Photo Credit: Lucy Belle and Company/Etsy
  • Chalkboard Silhouette 7 of 12
    Chalkboard Silhouette
    How much fun is this chalkboard silhouette?
    Photo Credit: Let's Talk Chalk/Etsy
  • Bold Stripes 8 of 12
    Bold Stripes
    This is not your grandma's toddler silhouette! I love it!
    Photo Credit: Sweet Mod/Etsy
  • Vibrant Pop of Color 9 of 12
    Vibrant Pop of Color
    Simple and sweet, and the vibrant yellow give it a modern feel.
    Photo Credit: Pretty Mod/Etsy
  • A Favorite Toy 10 of 12
    A Favorite Toy
    Add some context to your toddler's silhouette print by including his favorite toy!
    Photo Credit: Cats Print Shop/Etsy
  • Sibling Silhouettes 11 of 12
    Sibling Silhouettes
    This custom name silhouette print would be a great way to remember your children's early years. So sweet.
    Photo Credit: Nella Designs/Etsy
  • The Essence of Childhood 12 of 12
    The Essence of Childhood
    I love that the this print allows you to add a little bit of personality and whimsy to your child's silhouette.
    Photo Credit:  The Lemon Peel/Etsy

Mary Lauren Weimer is a social worker turned mother turned writer. Her blog, My 3 Little Birds, encourages moms to put down the baby books for a moment and tell their own stories. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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