My Etsy Halloween Finds

I’ll admit it: the crafty/creative gene skipped a generation with me (there’s a reason my DIY board at Pinterest stands for “delegate it yourself”). That’s why I usually don’t even attempt to put together my kids’ Halloween costumes on my own.

When my daughter announced that she wanted to dress as a “sparkly purple unicorn” for Halloween, though, I knew that it would likely not be found in the costume aisles at Target. And then when my son requested a vampire bat costume and refused to settle for a regular vampire, I knew I was in trouble.

Suddenly genius struck in the form of Etsy. Here are my Etsy Halloween finds. Some are things I purchased and some resemble things I already had or that I purchased elsewhere, but what I love about all of these items it that they can be worn again and again during my kiddos’ playtime.

Check ’em out!

  • Unicorn Headband 1 of 5
    Unicorn Headband
    I fell in love with this felted headband. My daughter loves it too and will love playing dress up with it long after Halloween!
    Purchased at Nodsu for $12
  • Sparkly Tutu 2 of 5
    Sparkly Tutu
    My mother found a sweet purple tutu very similar to this one. It provides the "sparkle" my daughter wanted to complete her look!
    Available at Arudduck for $21
  • Purple Leg Warmers 3 of 5
    Purple Leg Warmers
    Leg warmers are great for keeping her cozy while going trick-or-treating. I love that she'll be able to wear them again— even to preschool!
    Available at LJ's Crocheted Treasures for $25
  • Bat Wings 4 of 5
    Bat Wings
    For my son's vampire bat costume I found these great bat wings. He loves them!
    Purchased at Originals by Lauren Too for $25
  • Bat Ears 5 of 5
    Bat Ears
    I found a similar pair of black ears that can be adjusted to resemble a bat's. With any luck, my daughter will want to be a cat next year and she can wear them! Whether she decides to or not, they'll both have fun wearing these when they play.
    Available at The Thread House for $8

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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