My Favorite Memories with the Kids This Summer

We really build it up don’t we; the coming of spring. The those of us who live in sub zero temperatures several months out of the year. Our children ache for it, they (and we), wish to be released from the confines of our home, into the days of sun-drenched longitude, warmth and adventure.

Where I come from, the winter can be beautiful and deadly at the same damn time. Everything starts out like a postcard, the turning of lush green leaves to shimmer like gold dust, copper bells, crimson lights, and faery wings.

The earth (around my neck of the woods), as I see it, merges abstract into realism. A masterpiece of fine art paints the paradigm that is autumn creeping in. It serves as a soft, comforting landing pad to ease in the thought of month after month of ice and snow; making the knowledge of what’s to come more bearable. Even those first few snowfalls, sure, they sparkle; a blanket of bright white solitude. Stirring up the promise of twinkle lights, feasting, ceremony, short days, long nights, mass consumerism and the flanging hypocrisy of it all. Spring and summer are just more simple. Not easier, just simpler.

For families who live and love through the dark and tired passenger that is depression, the coming of winter is a daunting thought. This fall and winter will be a defining time for our little family. With an abundance of changes, nothing will ever be like it was. Not like it ever is, anyways. Change is inevitable. It’s the big ones that can feed on you. Do I want to pass on my long-time cautionary love/hate for the long months coming up ahead to my kids?

Heck no.

It’s a mindset after all. Nothing is ever going to be as lonely or self-involving as it was before our salty sweet kids came along. Before we their parents fell in love and decided to give life together a shot. Being a parent and in a relationship during the early years of parenting challenges everything. It challenges how we’re challenged as individuals and  how we are together as lovers, friends, and as parents. A few things happened this summer that brought me to my knees in both joy and sorrow. It’s the picnics, the beach park frolicking, camping, festivals and lazy days at home that I plan to hold on to. I may be having a hard time letting go of the summer, although it is after all just a season. A season wherein my kids entered into a new stage of being on their own and as siblings. Of living. We’re nearing the end of the volcanic anomaly known as toddlerhood and entering into something longer, more definite.


It’s the memories and gaps of lost memories that trigger me into wanting to just HOLD ON. Hold on to my babies for just a little while longer. But I can’t. At least not in all of the same ways. There’s a healing and growing in that. A dawning of new revelations about who I am as a mother, a friend, and a lover. Parenting itself and parenting in a long-term, loving relationship have stirred more growth and development as a human in me than anything I’ve ever experienced.

The walls in our home have started to mirror those memories, those changes; all of this healing, love, madness and growth with pictures. I’m in a serious stage of savoring the tail end of my days as a parent to babies and toddlers. The passing of this summer marks the end of all of that, with my boy especially.

These are the photos that will serve as a reminder to me, all of the beauty that was this summer; building me up to manage and appreciate all that there is to come. Regardless of the weather, I will always be warm with them. My raucous little family and some of our favorite memories of the summer of 2013…

  • The Chosen Ones 1 of 23

    It's a good thing I love fall because winter can suck it! (Except for Christmas, I like that part.) Click through to check out which pictures and memories made the final cut to join the others on the walls in our home!

  • Camping 2 of 23

    We prefer to glamp with huge plush animals, down duvets, an obscene amount of grapes, and a traveling library. Otherwise known as the toddler basics in camping.
    Check out how we do it up here

  • Beach Bums 3 of 23

    Wyndham got a hair trim for school (JK!!!) a couple of weeks ago and this picture has me missing his luscious curls. Although I will begrudgingly admit that the shorter hair makes for a smoother morning routine.
    Check out some of our early summer beach trips here!

  • Outdoor Market Trips 4 of 23

    In a few weeks our local Farmer's Market will be making the move indoors. I'll definitely miss the abundance of harvest, and I think they will too.

  • Skipping Stones 5 of 23

    Less a toddler, more a boy everyday.

  • Backyard Music Sessions 6 of 23
  • Lingering Beach Visits 7 of 23

    You try explaining to a toddler why they can't go to the beach anymore! One of the downfalls (?) of living steps to a number of beaches.

  • Block Party FTW! 8 of 23

    Over this summer we discovered that A. Wyndham is getting a set of drums for Christmas, (hold me), and B. Abby and Wyndham actually like each-other.
    You can check out Wyndham on the drums here and here!

  • Daddy’s Girl 9 of 23

    I've got to think that she'll never stop holding his hand.

  • Naked Play Time 10 of 23

    In the privacy of our (or a close friend's) backyard, there isn't much in a toddler's life that equates to pure JOY than running around naked. Introduce bubbles and paint? BEST. DAYS. EVER.

  • THIS 11 of 23

    Just, oooffff. They'll never be these chubby little toddlers together another summer again. (Wyndham will be nearly 5 years old come next summer.) I've got to be okay with that and just snivel over this photograph in private every now and then.
    Check out our big trip to Centre Island this summer, here!

  • Mischief 12 of 23

    Our chief resident mischief maker, garden sprite, and vintage sun dress wearer.

  • Tiny Tots 13 of 23
  • Adventuring 14 of 23

    These two are all about road-tripping, festival'ing, and big city adventures.
    See them in action here!

  • Footie Champ 15 of 23
  • Picnics & Ice Cream 16 of 23

    We'll definitely be prolonging the outdoor picnicking for as long as we can, although ice cream may see a slight downfall.

  • Backyard Oasis 17 of 23

    I loved creating a private little outdoor playspace for the kids this year.
    Check it out in its beginning stages here!

  • Beach Babe 18 of 23
    Beach Babe

    And she knows it.

  • Sensory Play 19 of 23

    Am I going to move these inside? Not likely! That's what I think now - things will probably change come, oh say, December or January when we ache for some pretend beach or garden play.
    Check out my spring and summer DIY sensory bin tutorial here!

  • Sibling Harmony 20 of 23

    Happening with more frequency and less blow-outs. Hallelujah. 

  • Neighbourhood Block Fae 21 of 23

    Half sprite, half fae, catch her if you can.

  • Farm Visits & Berry Picking 22 of 23

    This is the sort of thing I live for. Introducing my kids to new experiences and environments.
    Check out our visit to the organic strawberry farm here!

  • On Welcoming Change 23 of 23

    This was taken on our walk to school on Wyndham's first day of Junior Kindergarten last Thursday. It was so hard letting go of his hand that day.

You can see our adventures from the summer of 2012 here!


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