My Favourite New Monsters University Gear For Toddlers!

Of course it began with Monsters Inc., my own love affair passed down to my kids for all things Sulley and Mike. It wasn’t hard to get them on board, one viewing of the classic computer animated film and they were hooked. Which is quite the feat. To get a toddler loving anything involving monsters is not easily done. The original movie became one of few Disney movie purchases we’ve made, because my kids ask to watch it that often. So when the second movie, Monsters University finally came out, you bet we went to see it the very next day after it’s release.

That’s right. We went to the cinema with a 3.5 years and 23 month old. Which turned out more than fine. It was Wyndham’s second movie going experience (the 1st didn’t go so well) and Abby’s 1st. Movie going for young kids has come a long way! No longer is it a taboo notion, automatically dubbing a person a bad, inconsiderate parent if they take their (young) kids to the movie theatre. Now most theatres have special showing times, specifically for little ones. With lower volume and the banishment of shame and embarrassment if one’s child goes bonkers or decides to wander the aisles. They turn the lights up a tad no it’s not so dark and there are kids to be heard. Everywhere. Glory be.

The verdict? We all loved it. Especially Wyndham and I. He sat next to me and then on my lap for the second half in complete rapture and chattered on about it for days after. With birthdays, summer vacations and school shopping (sad but true), coming up and the constant growth spurts of toddler-hood; I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite Monsters U and Monsters Inc. gear that I know my kids will love. Probably yours too!

  • For Those Who Love The Monsters… 1 of 18

    So good it's scary >>>

  • Squishy Head Cup with Straw 2 of 18

    If you have the toddlers then you go through sippy or straw cups. Just cups in general like nobody's business. Abby fell in love with Squishy and deemed him, "COOT, SKISSHY COOT." (Cute.) She recently named one of her babies 'Skisshy' Baby. So there you have it.
    Available via the Disney Store, $8.50

  • Monsters University Art Kit 3 of 18

    A fun little kit for home, the car or to pack up for your summer vacay!
    Available via the Disney Store, $16.50

  • Monsters University Tee 4 of 18

    In honor of the sacred Monsters University brotherhood of Oozma Kappa, but of course. 
    Available via the Disney Store, $12.95

  • Mike Wazowski Bath Mitt 5 of 18

    Doubles as a puppet! Bonus!
    Available via the Disney Store, $12.50

  • Wall Decals 6 of 18

    Fun for the bedroom or playroom.
    Available via Babies "R" Us, $29.99

  • Monsters University Hoodie 7 of 18

    Any clothing item with ears on it and I'm SOLD. A great extra layer for cool summer nights at the cottage, camping or beach-side - merging quite nicely for back-to-school/pre-school/home in the fall!
    Available via the Disney Store, $29.50

  • Hoodie #2! 8 of 18

    Again with the ears. Adorable. Great for a boy or girl, my guy would rock this well into the fall when he starts Pre K. (Eek!)
    Available via the Disney Store, $29.50

  • Monsters University Sew Your Own Monster Kit 9 of 18

    For the older toddlers - or as an assisted fine motor skill activity with the younger ones. Love this!
    Available via the Disney Store, $12.95

  • Monsters University Rolling Luggage 10 of 18

    We do quite a bit of travelling, especially in the summer so this is perfection.
    Available via the Disney Store, $34.50

  • Mike Bowl 11 of 18

    My kids are all about fun plates and bowls. Aren't they all?
    Available via the Disney Store, $6.50

  • Sulley Plate 12 of 18

    I would have to get two as there would be automatic toddler-wars over who gets to use it every. Single. Meal.
    Available via the Disney Store, $6.50

  • Sulley Hooded Towel 13 of 18

    I mean c'mon. The cute! Fresh little toddlers right out of the bath running around in this? Yes please, I'll take two. Because MATCHING. I'm all over that action, especially since you can personalize it. Don't judge.
    Available via the Disney Store, $24.50

  • Monsters University Speak-N-Scare Talking Action Figures Collection 14 of 18

    I'm already having a hard time choosing just one!
    Available via the Disney Store, $34.95 ea.

  • Sulley PJ Pal 15 of 18

    Told you I was all about the matchy-matchy. Although I can't find the Boo jammies anywhere, they must be discontinued or perhaps available in-store only. That's where I got them. The (adorable) Sulley ones shall have to suffice for your little one!
    Available via the Disney Store, $16.50

  • Monsters University Look and Find Book 16 of 18

    Kids, toddlers especially - LOVE look and find books. At least mine do!
    Available via the Disney Store, $7.95

  • Monsters University 4-Arm Hoodie 17 of 18

    GAH! Absolutely brilliant. Serious want on this one. Again - for a little boy OR girl.
    Available via the Disney Store, $42.50

  • Don C Cup 18 of 18

    LOVE this Don Carlton cup! Currently my kids are fluxing between the use of sippy, straw and regular open cups for their drinking adventures. This one is just so fabulous, I would especially get a kick out of seeing them drink out of this.
    Available via the Disney Store, $6.95


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