My Frantic Mama Bear Persona is Ruining Everyone's Day

be kindI am sure that people who don’t know me, and have come across me in the last few weeks think I am a total B. Typically, it’s not my style to be crass, rude and insensitive , but this season (hopefully, extremely short) has me displaying my unlikable side.

When I saw this eCard today on Facebook, I wanted to print it off and hand it to anyone who has come in contact with me.

Be kind to everyone you meet; You never know if they have a toddler at home.

Though, I would photoshop  and re-write this to say… they have toddlers at home and are in the process of moving. 

moving with toddlersWe are in the process of a major move and well – moving sucks people. I am on my last leg. In 4 days, the movers arrive to haul away 10.5 years of life. We didn’t find a house in time to purchase before closing on our house, and with the pooey events of the last few weeks, on top of moving – I just gave up on the house hunt.

Our family of 6 is moving into an apartment. While we have nothing to complain about and plenty of room for each and all – it’s still a major change (apartments now adays are so much better than when we were regular apartment dwellers!). It’s a short-term lease and I see this as a growing period, but growing is hard. It feels more like teething – it hurts people!

The husband appears to be all cool, calm and collected. Me…. not so much. I find myself apologizing way too often, to people who barely know me because I know my attitude is rotten.  I am totally blaming the mother bear in me!! I must protect my young!

To the dear people who come in contact with me…. If my frantic mama bear persona has in any way ruined your day, my apologies – and if you have to see me again – my apologies in advance as we still have to do this move!

We’re going to take the next few months in stride, try to keep our chins-up and see what the next part of our story looks like. I sure hope there are lots of unicorns and rainbows in it!

Any Words of Wisdom for a Frantic Mama Bear? 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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