My Kid is Forcing Me to be Friendly

I’m a nice girl, friendly even — but I ain’t nothing compared to my toddler.

BooBoo is a master conversationalist. Charismatic, entertaining and totally adorable, this kid has won the hearts of animals and strangers alike with his winning personality.

Even before BooBoo could talk, he flashed habitual smiles at anyone who glanced his way. His hearty laugh and cheerful smile was nothing short of contagious. He’s always had that “it” factor and could spread the happy like a magical explosion of pixie dust.

So you get it, he’s magnetic. He loves people and people love him. He’s made friends with everyone from neighbors to waiters to homeless people and wild squirrels. What should be a quick trip to the dry cleaners has evolved to a half hour visit, complete with tours behind the counter to see how the dry cleaning machinery works and lessons on how the cash register works. Then of course, there’s the song and dance he simply must perform followed by an invitation to the dry cleaning staff to come to our house and see his room. Seriously, child?

Of all the strangers BooBoo chooses to befriend, little old ladies with tight perms and polyester seem to be his favorite. Just yesterday at Walgreens he befriended Lois, an 84-year-old woman. Of course I know her name and her age because he asked her. These two became fast friends after he called her “preddy” — betcha she hasn’t heard that since the Kennedy era. She smiled. He smiled. Hell, the whole damn universe smiled and then it happened…the conversation.

This is BooBoo’s modus operandi (his thang). He makes instant friends and then leaves me holding the conversational bag, all the while trying to pull me out of said conversation so he can moonwalk for a group of 13-year-old girls. I’m assumed to be as friendly and engaging as my toddler and guess what — I’m not.

Stranger danger has taken on a whole new meaning with this kid.

I love that my son is a real people-person. I see a career in politics or Broadway in his future. Until then, I’m busy making friends with my toddler’s friends, or in other words, the entire human race.

Is your child entirely too friendly?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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