My Kid, My Choice: Readers Share Their Badass Parenting Decisions

You know you’re a badass parent.

You’ve made decisions for the sake of your family that may have been considered unpopular or just plain crazy —┬ábut look at you, you went ahead and made them anyway.

I harrassed polled readers on Facebook and Twitter to share the most badass parenting decisions they’ve made; this is what they said:

  • We simplified 1 of 15
    We simplified
    "I quit my job & we left NYC and moved to a quiet Boston suburb - a smaller home and we cut back significantly so that I can be at home with our children." ~Kristin (
  • I chose home 2 of 15
    I chose home
    "Gave up a job I loved to stay home. Scary and amazing." ~@Mamafulton, via Twitter
  • I lied 3 of 15
    I lied
    "Where to begin? Lied about my daughter's age to get her into summer camp..." ~@KatherineOzment, via Twitter
  • I took it inside 4 of 15
    I took it inside
    "We put a 12 foot trampoline IN the house. In northern MI we have 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad sledding" ~@birthstoriesond, via Twitter
  • I don’t think so 5 of 15
    I don't think so
    "Going out to the curb in front of my house and telling the tough 19 year old guy sitting on his car he could get in it and leave because he was NOT going to date my 15 year old daughter. I did it with a smile but he left with no doubt what was behind the smile." ~Marty Coleman (
  • I’ve got balls 6 of 15
    I've got balls
    "My son was squeezing 'em and asked what they were. I paused- then said, "theyre your balls, son." he was 4. Mom was appalled." ~@jskells314 via Twitter
  • Visiting prison 7 of 15
    Visiting prison
    "To take my son (when he was seven) to visit his father in prison. We went every week. for 2 yrs." ~@NokomisMichelle via Twitter
  • Don’t Got Milk 8 of 15
    Don't Got Milk
    "Sent kids to store alone for milk in moment of baby-frenzied crisis..." ~@KatherineOzment via Twitter
  • I made myself heard 9 of 15
    I made myself heard
    "Told my mother-in-law to shut up about breastfeeding." ~Anonymous
  • I let go 10 of 15
    I let go
    "Decided to let Dad parent his way, I can't control what happens at his house. Barring abuse, it's not my call." ~@evinschmevin via Twitter
  • I quit stress 11 of 15
    I quit stress
    "Leave my stressful job in order to have a healthy pregnancy and get divorce in order for my baby to have a healthy life." ~Roxy Dv
  • I’m figuring it all out 12 of 15
    I'm figuring it all out
    "I wish I had a badass decision I made but after 3 kids, I am still trying to figure out what I am doing :)" ~@JugglinginHeels via Twitter
  • I said no 13 of 15
    I said no
    "I didn't let them use a fetal heart monitor on me. Even had to sign a waiver for that one." ~@mamafulton via Twitter
  • I got real 14 of 15
    I got real
    "Leaving my marriage -- and being extremely clear with myself that I was making that choice because it just as healthy and loving to myself to go as it was healthy and loving to my child. Seeing us both as equally important in that decision felt radical (and was to many people who told me their unsolicited opinion)." ~Jessica Ashley (
  • We placed limits 15 of 15
    We placed limits
    "We decided to limit our 15 mo usage on the iPad..not badass but the fact that he is 15 mo...i am in for it" ~@Uptight_Mama via Twitter

What say you? What badass parenting decisions have you made?

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