My Mother’s Day Wish List: AKA Hints For My Husband

Even though I got to celebrate Mother’s Day last year, Fern was so tiny that it didn’t feel all that legit. Maybe that doesn’t make sense, but this year I feel much more seasoned and much more like a mom having experienced a little more of what motherhood is like. And because of this, I obviously deserve a lot of really great Mother’s Day gifts to celebrate, right? Haha! OK, I don’t really think like that. The gift of a wonderful child and being a mother to her really is gift enough, but should my husband decide to give me a gift or two to sweeten the deal…who am I to object?

Here are a few things on my Mother’s Day wish list from candles, to bags, to magazine subscriptions. Maybe some of these will give your partner a last minute gift idea too, so feel free to send this list their way, (*hint, hint*)

  • My Mother’s Day Wishlist 1 of 16
    My Mother's Day Wishlist

    Mother's Day gift hints for my husband...and ideas for yours!

  • Seaecho Coco Portfolio in Moonstone 2 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    This clutch has been on my wishlist for months. I already own and love two of these seaecho clutches, but this would make a great addition to "the family". I love anything Pendleton, but the feminine color scheme of this pattern is too perfect.

    Purchase for $84.00 from seaecho

  • Sasha Lace-Up Ballet Flats 3 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    I have had these beauties pinned for quite some time. I think Mother's Day wold be the perfect time to make my shoe dreams come true.

    Purchase for $100.00 from ELF

  • See By Chloe Perfume 4 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    I kid you not: this perfume smells like pure heaven in spray form and I've been drooling over it for quite some time now. Besides, isn't perfume basically the quintessential Mother's Day gift? Perfect!

    Purchase for $78.00 from Sephora

  • Seaworthy Namib Necklace 5 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    I recently borrowed this necklace from the jewelry designer who makes them and ever since I literally dream of this necklace. It's totally different than something I would typically buy, but so perfect for instantly making any outfit cooler. The craftsmanship of her jewelry is stunning as well.

    Purchase for $89.00 from Seaworthy

  • GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment Mask 6 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    I recently tried this mask and it's insane - you can literally see all the gross crap coming out of your face. Equal parts disgusting and awesome. A friend of mine introduced me to the mask, but now I would like some of my own. It's pretty pricey for a mask, but can you really put a price on miracles? I think not.

    Purchase for $69.00 from Sephora

  • MEND Limited Edition Mother’s Day Tote 7 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    I love this bag for many reasons, but mostly because of what it means. The phrase printed on the bags means "for a mother, by a mother", signifying the fact that these bags were made by women, many of them mothers, who have been affected by the LRA conflict in Uganda. These women make these bags through Invisible Children's MEND project and 100% of the proceeds from this limited edition bag will go to the project. All the more reason that this would make a great gift.

    Purchase for $75.00 from Invisible Children

  • Keds Champion Dot 8 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    I usually have an aversion to tennis shoes and generally stick to ballet flats as my comfort shoe of choice, but these are so cute and summery that I could bend the rules a little.

    Purchase for $45.00 from Keds

  • Fern iPhone Case 9 of 16
    My Mother's Day Wishlist

    My daughter's name is Fern, so obviously this iPhone case needs to happen.

    Purchase for $39.99 from

  • Enamel Locket 10 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    I already owned this locket in grey and wore it basically every single day - it was the most perfect Christmas gift from my mom. So, why would I have this on my wishlist? Mostly because a certain toddler-who-shall-remain-nameless (*cough*Fern*cough*) ripped it off my neck without me noticing somewhere while we were at Disneyland (so tricky that kid is). I was super sad about it and called to see if they still carried it when I got home. The good news: they do. The bad news: they don't make grey anymore. I think I could manage to find another color I would love though and this time I would save it until Fern was a little older (read: less destructive).

    Purchase for $90.00 from Alder & Co.

  • Shwood Belmont Sunglasses 11 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    These sunglasses are handmade here in Oregon and they're pretty fantastic. I've wanted a pair for a couple of years now, but have never taken the plunge, because sunglasses aren't often a good investment when you live in not-always-sunny Portland. BUT, that makes them the perfect gift - the best gifts are always the ones you wouldn't buy for yourself.

    Purchase for $155.00 from Shwood

  • Deborah Lippman Rockin’ Robin Nail Polish 12 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    Deborah Lippman nail polishes are kind of like the creme de la creme of nail polishes. That said, I refuse to pay $19.00 for nail polish, since I'm the worst at painting my nails. But, if said nail polish was a Mother's Day gift, I could have a clean conscience... Just sayin'.

    Purchase for $19.00 from Deborah Lippman

  • 2550 Degrees Personality Candle in “Joe” 13 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    Call me odd, but I love "manly smells". One of my favorite perfumes is pipe tobacco scented, so it's no surprise that I adore these masculine smelling candles. Every time I go in this local store, I can't leave without taking a whiff. The "Joe" candle on my wishlist smells of "well-worn leather jacket, whisky on the rocks & a smoldering cedarwood bonfire." Yep. I'm sold.

    Purchase for $38.00 from Schoolhouse Electric


  • Kinfolk Magazine Subscription 14 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    I've done styling for this magazine and even impromptu modeled in the first issue, but those factoids aside, it really is such a lovely magazine. A subscription (along with a little child-free time to pore over it slowly) would make a perfect Mother's Day gift.

    Purchase for $65.00 from Kinfolk

  • Madewell Sweatshirt Dress 15 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    The perfect balance between comfy and cute - I would wear this dress to death.

    Purchase for $118.00 from Madewell

  • Pendleton Camp Blanket With Leather Carrier 16 of 16
    Mother's Day Wishlist

    This blanket would be perfect for family picnicking and as you already saw, I love all things Pendleton.

    Purchase for $98.00 from Rejuvenation

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